Thursday, 29 April 2010

Kamrun's Birthday

Today is my awesome friend Kamrun's birthday... she is the baby of the gang and is only 25. I feel pretty lame because they are all out at the pub only around the corner but I am cream crackered and instead am in bed blogging. Work is knackering me at the moment.

But I did do good things... I saw her last night and we did silly things like drink Malibu and Milk (try it... it really is awesome!) chatted for hours and then went on an adventure and followed the boys whilst they were flyering for the Pirate Party... you know the sort of thing... running quietly hiding behind trees and cars trying not to giggle. Was fun...

And then today text her nice birthday messages only for her to say she felt sad and didnt like birthdays and was at work and it was crappo. I hadnt had time to get her a present so I ordered for a beautiful bunch of flowers to be delivered the same day to her work, I couldnt have her feeling sad! I would absolutely die if someone sent me flowers to work so worded the card as...

Happy Birthday Kamrun.
Receiving flowers at work is the gayest thing so...
Here you go.
Lots of Love, Char xxx

Hahah and true to form she received them and died of embarrassment. But the thought was there and she did love them.
And then I made her a cute card...

And then I went home and made her snickers cupcakes because snickers is her fave chocolate bar. Another invention. The photos are crap. Shakey hand tonight...

Snickers chopped up on the inside.
Dark chocolate melted into the butter icing.
And a slab of snickers plonked on the top.

♥ Happy Birthday Kamrun... You truely are AWESOME! ♥

I have been inventing!!

Everyone at work is doing me proud... And this is because I keep making them cakes!

So, this time around I thought everyone likes raspberry and white chocolate... they've always been quite a hit before... so I will do them... jog on to Tesco.

Hello Tesco. Oh look! Your shelves are bare as per bloody usual of late. NO raspberries.

It really has gone downhill. But they had blackberries so I thought ahhh sod it that'll do. And collected a few other bits and paid. Then I thought... Hmmm I dont know if blackberry will go with white choc? That seems a bit too snazzy for blackberry. Blackberries to me are old school berries that your Nana makes things out of. Not snazzy blackberry and white choc cupcakes. So I dashed to spar. Its only over the way from Tesco... It used to be crap but I think the fact that they plonked a Tesco right across the way made them try harder.

Yeh so Spar had raspberries so I brought them too. So now I am over run with berries and dont really know what to do... Oh sod... I am rambling. To cut a long boring windey road of a story short...

I had a think and decided to do the raspberry and white chocolate cakes with white chocolate butter icing. And with the blackberries...I bought an apple. Then I made apple and blackberry cupcakes. Oh and I had 4 spare just vanilla cupcakes with my new secret soft as feck vanilla recipe. So I filled them with jam.

Check them out...

Apple & Blackberry Crumble Cupcakes

With custard butter icing

And a crumble top

Vanilla Cupcake filled with strawberry jam

With custard butter icing and red sugar sprinkles

White chocolate & raspberry cupcakes

With white chocolate butter icing with a sprinkle of glitter

Ta Daaaaa

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Monsieur Bateman...

Do you remember calling me from the Leicester City Football Club Player of the Year Awards at 1am and the conversation going like this;

Matt: Hellooooooooo Hellooooooooo
Char: Hello?
Matt: What would you say if me and Lar brought some
booze back to yours.
Char: What? I'm sleeping.
Matt: If we bought some booze would you drink it with us?
Char: I am sleeping. I have work in the morning.
Matt: Will you drink booze with us?!?!?!
Char: I'm sleeping but you can bring booze and drink it while I am sleeping.
That isnt a problem.
Matt: Drink booze with ussssssssss.
Char: (quite blatantly lying) Maybe I will come down and say hi to you.
Matt: Ok Ok We will bring booze.
Char: Bye *secretly hoping no one brings booze. no one jumps on her bed.
no one rings her again.*

Matthew stop leading Lar astray.

Ps. For those that are wondering. He rang off Lar's phone. So I answered because I worried maybe it was an emergency like, er... you know, she couldn't get in the front door or something.

She obviously knew this hence letting him use her phone.

Why is Blogger so WEIRD.

I have just published my posts I did at home the other day and saved to publish at a later date when I had better things to write/more time etc. But Blogger will only "backdate" publish. It publishes them to the day you saved them first.

Is it only me that thinks this is rubbish? Now nothing is in order. And you can't change it. Or can you and I am just being thick!?

So scroll down a wee bit. Cuz there's about 4 cool posts you will be missing from SUNDAY 25th APRIL. which to be honest I wanted to be dated today.


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

I am...

...Just confirming that even though the last post said I was still at work... I am not still at work. Haha.
Well I am.
But I have been home in the meantime to sleep and stuff.
Work is BUSY.
Promise I will post soon. Done loads of cakes! x

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Things I have done # 2

My friend Junior that works in the coffee shop at work did something very sweet indeed after Easter. I got to my desk and there was a wee Easter egg sat on it. And Nicky up the way said. "It's from Junior." Which I thought was a really sweet thing to do. So to say thanks I made him a wee thanks card with a picture of a dog dressed up as a pumpkin. What more can you want? Sequins? Oh yeah probably. So I whacked some of them on there as well. Swish....

Thanks Junior it made my day!! xxx

And then Picto was going on about me putting a "Vote Pirate" Pirate Party poster in my window. I personally think the poster is crap and boring. So I set about making my own one. He has a big man crush on is a serious fan of Zooey Deschanel so I came up with this beauty...

Sorry Zooey if you are reading my blog (one can only hope... fly me to you and I will make you cupcakes) I know you havent officially endorsed Shaun Dyer for Pirate Party Leicester West. But I kinda know that you would secretly like to. So alls fair in love and war. Oh and also if you are happy about endorsing him. How about you throw in a date too? I know he would be pretty happy about that. He's a nice guy.


Things I have done...# 1

I took part in a mix CD swap on Tiffany's blog. for fun... I have never done anything like this before... so it was pretty cool. I sent mine to Claire. I hope she likes it. To be fair. I didnt realise when you had to get it to your swap partner for and I was super busy so I used Lar's Itunes and took some cool songs off there. I would have liked to have given it more time and gone through my CD collection and put the tracks on the computer but alas. I am rubbish and always late with everything.

THEN! When I had rushed to get it ready and made the cover all pretty I realised I was supposed to do two! But that was kinda good because I had found more songs than I loved than I could fit on the first one... but I had no case for the CD so had to make it out of an envelope etc. Didnt get a picture of that... AND THENNNNN! As I had rushed and finally got two masterpieces together I went to send them from the post office by Airmail. Only to be told by the grumpy lady in there.

Lady: Airmail. Hmph. Dunno when it will get there.
No bloody planes flying.
From that there Volcano ash.

Me: Look lady!
Just put it in your post bag.
Its not like youre gonna put all the airmail
post in a bag and just forget about it and find it years
later and be featured in the local paper for returning mail
to its rightful owners 12 years after they should have got it.
Just take it.
Put it in your airmail bag.
And then it will go when everything is de-volcanoised.
Don't think I am taking it back with me to save
until I think its safe for it to go on a plane.
Dont you give me the evil eye.
I see you.
I seeeeeeee you.

I hope you like it Claire. I can never be sure. But who can when youre sending music to someone you dont know hey?

"Sorry You Were Poorly" Cakes

Nuj asked me to make him some cakes to take in for work. Apparently someone had been off ill and he wanted to take them in as a gift now that they were back. What?! That's amazing! I don't know what was wrong with this person... probably was being quite unfortunate, and I am sorry to them about that, but I have never received presents... let alone cupcakes when I have come back from being ill!! Even when I had something wrong with my face which made my eye swell up like I had gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson...

If anyone from work is reading... What a lovely idea... Please get me presents if I happen to come back from being ill. Haha

So I asked Nuj what he wanted, and he was very vague. This is Nuj in a nutshell. Vague. Hahah. Love him. I had to prise information out of him as if he were an unripe clam. You know colour, type of cake, what what. Nothing. Anything will do. Come on lad! Gimme more to work with than that!! SO I got green, bright green, simple, any cake. Thanks. So this is what he got!

Bright green and bright blue vanilla cupcakes for the half and half/ swirly look.
Bright green butter icing. Swirly. You knows it.
Little green sprinkley ball things.

In the words of the French...

Merci et Au Revoir

I thought...

I would give cookies a go for another part of my Bribery At Work plan.

It works. It may mean my morals are a bit thin on the ground. But its just to get the job done. And I like to hide the fact that I am bribing by saying I am a giver.

I like to give. hahah.

So yeah, Double chocolate cookies.... Bakeity Bakeity Boo...

Wrapped 'em all pretty and made tags and what what...

For three nice ladies... Who were all very appreciative.

Ah good.
My work is done here....
For now.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


I am still squirrelling away at work and it is 7.15pm. Meh.
Think of me whilst you chill.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Sad today....

I have had a bobbins day.

Someone died. And I cried. I cried for him. I cried for his girlfriend. I cried for his family. I cried for his friends. I cried for my memories. I cried for the people that should be here and aren't.

Its hard to put into words because I wasnt close to this boy. But as soon as I heard it was like I was catapulted back to the day I heard about Burt. Just when you learn to push things to the back of your mind and get on.

I wandered about the building at work. In another world really and I had a sob in the garden. I just felt lonely. In total honesty I just wanted the boy or my ma or something. Someone that made me comfortable and safe. To just be there. But noone was so I carried on. As usual. Same old same old. Gulping back tears. Hardcore Bitsy. Thats me.

Later on. Missy at work brought me up a cupcake. First time I'd smiled all day.

Also N-Dubz were signing things at WH Smith on Fosse Park. This is not far from work. But I don't have a car here. So its just that bit too far. So I missed them. Cheers N-Dubz. I am gonna write to you to let you know you could have cheered up my day but you didnt. Just so you know.

Monday, 19 April 2010


Just received this text from Matt Bateman:

Someone has been for a shit at work and I can smell it in my office on the floor above and through two doors. That are closed.

I replied what any normal person would reply:

Was it you?

Weekend Round up...

You ready?

Its not exciting.

Friday, met the boy and Picto for after work drinks. It was nice and I am a light weight. But it felt summery and I was enjoying myself.

Picto is standing for Local MP for Leicester West for the Pirate Party.

(As internet users this political party may be of interest to you. They are worldwide.

Go Look Pirate Party UK.

There are links to a whole heap of countries which may well include yours here

Basically ( and I am in no way polictical no, no, no) They are onto copyright laws...something to do with if you buy a CD you should be able to copy it to your Ipod or whatever and other such things like file sharing etc. They are onto privacy issues... I'm not even going into this its long...feel free to read about it on the Manifesto... And they're also onto freedom of speech and things like that. Oh I don't know. I am not a very good advert. )

Go look at the site.

I digress...

Anyway so yeah, we went for drinks and met some bloke from the Pirate Party. There was meant to be a small gathering of Pirate Party members but noone else showed up. How shitty. But it was cool cuz we didnt have to talk politics. Cuz I would have been bored bored bored.

Carried on drinking. Went home. Woke up the next day. Had toast for breakfast.

Saturday, went back over to the boys and we went out to the pub to watch the Spurs Chelsea game with Darran (big fat Spurs fan) I hate Chelsea, we all hate Chelsea so the fact that Spurs won and smug wanker John Terry got sent off made it a worthwhile and extremely excitable pub visit. Darran and the boy getting particularly excited and having lots of hugs and stuff. Hahaha very sweet.

Went back to the boys at about 8pm he promptly fell asleep on the couch everyone else went home. Watched a bit of Brasseye and then went and climbed into his bed about 10 and watched some Run Fat Boy Run before falling asleep. Woke up about 1 went and roused boy from the sofa to come to bed cuz it was freezing up there. Fell asleep having a nice cuddle woke up and had laughs watching race car driving...(grand prix??). He left for football. I had toast for breakfast.

Sunday was nice. The weather was lovely. Sat in the garden with Lar for ages when I got home. We had the spotify playlist running and it was lush. Then met up with Kam, Darran, Steve & Nuj and we headed to the local beauty spot Bradgate Park for a picnic.

It seems as soon as the smallest bit of sun pops out everyone loses the clothes and runs to the nearest open space with a towel and a picnic. Its funny. normally when I go to this park its just got joggers and dog walkers and the odd few families but today it was rammed. We walked away from the crowds up a big hill and sat under a tree over looking the whole of the park. Was pretty.
Came home. Went to the boys and watched Delirious with him. I had never heard of it but it was really funny, if you like late 80s early 90s movies with John Candy then you will love this.

I love John Candy

Then went to watch the boy play footy. Got mega angry at the other team but super excited cuz the boy kept getting angry and I like it and they won and it was a good match. Then came back ate pizza and watched lost.

Then went home went to bed and HOORAH MONDAY! (please note sarcasm)

More evidence of bribery in the work place....

I made some more bribery cupcakes... It appears to be working. This time for Kidswear. Everyone loves cake. And what better way to make working hard more rewarding? Except obviously you know, cash prizes and maybe promises of making dreams come true or granting wishes or something? But Hey I save those types of rewards for the extra hard working and the poor*. Haha.

So yeah, here are the bad boys.
Guinness chocolate cake & chocolate butter icing and red, white and pink sprinkles and a wee touch of pink glitter.

And a little close up... for good measure...

Are you salivating?
You should be.

* I cannot grant wishes, give cash prizes or make dreams come true**.
** Well, maybe I can make some peoples dreams come true. But that just comes from being generally awesome.

Easter Cupcakes

Remember this baking crisis? Well. I have redeemed myself. Phew!

Cakes went down a storm at my Nana's village Easter Lunch. I was very pleased with them. I baked late into the night again like a mentalist. But I like it. Specially as its starting to get warmer and I can have the kitchen door open. As long as I got music I'm alllll good!

So here are the little beauts. I was asked for chocolate cake... so I did my usual snazzy old Guinness choc cake. And then Nan also asked that for half of them could they be filled with choccy ganache (as I did her some of these for Christmas and she love love loved it) so I did as I was told. I was gonna make her some lemon cakes (which I did do when I made the first "accidental" lot) but I wasnt sure they were as good as they could be so I gave them the chop. I need to practise practise practise more. I am such a perfectionist apparently. But hey what the fecks the point if theyre not top notch eh?

From Above...

From the side...

Little Beauty By Itself...

That's One Cute Chick...

I used 100% cocoa powder (which I use in all my choc cakes) in the butter icing for a gorgeous chocolatey kick. It really is the nicest icing. And on one third of the cakes I sprinkled a bit of glitter and put half a mini cadburys creme egg on there. They were little buggers to cut in half and keep in one piece! Remember I put whole ones on the ones I gave out at work... Was spending shit loads of pounds on mini creme eggs so decided to half it and it also looked a lot neater and to be honest for the consumer would have not been too much as I am sure a whole one would have been. I'm all about saving you calories. Now you didnt have that half an egg you can prob go treat yourself to a Starbucks Mocha Light Frap. Do it. Theyre the best things EVER.

Also... I topped a third of the cakes with Smarties mini eggs. These are way cooler than normal mini eggs to top the cakes with because they are all cute and bright.
And the last third I had some chicks in baskets so I whacked those on. They look so cute.
Thanks for your order Nana.

Happy Belated Easter to the Old People of Ratby!!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Cool Blog = Dolce Vita....

I think, if you know whats good for you, you should go look at THIS blog. Dolce Vita.

Do you know why.... Because the lovely Micaela is doing a give away and I want to win! I never win. I want to win for once. And I want to win because I want a chalk mug. AND I want a bow necklace.

I'm ever so deserving.

Why do I deserve all these good things.
  • I have done 4 exercise classes this week so far and its only Wednesday.
  • I like to forward roll from my bedroom to the bathroom.
  • I have only eaten one easter egg this week.
  • If I eat any of Lar's food from the fridge I always replace it.
  • I would only use the finest cheeses if I were to make Macaroni Cheese.
  • I eat my crusts.
  • I like shoes.
  • I do not shout at dogs.

BUT ABOVE ALL...and the real reason.... not the selfish reasons I just wrote...because I am trying to be funny.... but really I am not....

Go look at her blog because its lovely and she is lovely and writes really nice things that I think are interesting to read and theres lots of pretty pictures to browse.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Irish Mancunian...

I thought I would do a quick little post about the Irish Mancunian...

Partly because I know he reads this blog and he's too far away for me to see as much as I would like.

And I thought if I were to show my appreciation on here it would add to the silly things I do for him to show my appreciation
Par Example:
  • Send him silly faxes from the work fax machine... Don't reply! Don't reply!
  • Send him silly cards in the post.
  • Text him silly things like about my toast obsession. Ha.
I would totally send him Kissograms and things like that if I had all the money in the world.
And flowers... to the office.

SO I would just like to share with this little booth in the cafe that is the internet what a nice boy the Irish Mancunian is.

Plus points:
Looks like Russ from Hollyoaks

Is very sweet.

Fit as a fiddle - He runs for charity.

Makes french toast and bacon for breakfast if I beg.

Listens to me when I go on and on about general shite.

(In a nice way) Tells me I am being a dickhead if I need to be told.

He's funny.

Drives a nice car.

Takes me for lunch.

Likes good music and good films.

And a whole world of other things!

So there you go.

Read that and weep Padwarrrr.

LADIES. If you think this man is desirable... Let me know. He's single. I'll hook you up. Don't worry if you don't live here... He likes to write letters.

Personally I think being as I have advertised him so so so well....I think, basically, he should take me to New York in September. Thanks. Yeah. I'm only little. I won't take up much space.
I'm little and I am poor. I deserve charity.

Maybe if one of you hot girls snap him up he will be so happy that he will take me as a surprise hahahahaha.

♥ Love You! ♥


If Lar doesn't make me any cookies this weekend I think I am going to beat her with her own shoes.

"...But the shopkeeper and his son... that's a different story altogether. I had to beat them to death with their own shoes."
~ Del Preston.
Wayne's World 2

Death Yoga...

Yesterday I powerhoused....

I got picked up from work so I could make it to the gym for the half 5 Cardio Kickboxing Class.

I absolutely LOVE this class. And last night it was so so so so soooo good because she had changed up the music and there was a bit of N-Dubz in there. I proper love my urban when I am kickboxing hahah.

Then after an hour of pretending to punch people and some stomach breaking ab work I chipped into town for 90 minutes of Death Yoga. Otherwise known as Bikram Yoga.

I totally thought I would be dead and wouldnt be able to do anything but I reckon I had the best class I have ever had. I slightly love Death Yoga also. I dont know why. It makes me feel good.

Although yesterday when I came out and had to walk home I would have preferred to have been rolled home and this morning, due to the kickboxing, I may as well have no arms.

Today, I tried to lift a folder and failed. I am so feeeeble.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Calling all people that live in the U.S.A!!!!

Hey guys...

The company I work for are launching in AMERICA... which I think I have mentioned before...

Well they are telling me I can send them peoples names & email addresses in the states and you can get $20 dollars off your orders and Free shipping! I also get £5 for each person I recommend. Not a bad deal for you guys hey?!

I think I can only recommend up to 12 people.

SO if you want in its on a first come first served basis. Just comment me your name and email and I will forward you on to them.

I guess they will then email you and let you know whats what.

Even if you dont wanna sign up for that... Do go look at their website below they do some cute stuff really!


Weekend Things...

Well this weekend was one of the nicest in a while...

Friday I had a half day from work. Spring cleaned the entire house and made it pretty then I totally chiiiiiillllled. I relaxed. I showered - long time. Pedicured. Manicured. Intensively conditioned my hair. Full on scrubbed/exfoliated/steamed/moisturised. Caught up on Sky Plussed TV. Chilled in PJs. Watched a shit movie. Ate a potato. That kind of thing.

Then Saturday I went to the boy's. He made me rice and chicken for lunch. We walked in the sun to the bookies drinking purple Rubicon - the best kind - and made bets on the National and the football. I'm not normally a massive gambler (if you do not include the national lottery or scratch cards...) but I get ever so excited in the bet shop! My friend Darran works there and he hates me coming in because of how excited I get and the fact that I am full of betting questions that he cant be bothered to answer. Haha... Shame.

Then we came home and played Home & Away

* Home & Away *
A drinking game played whilst watching the football scores come in.

You choose whether you are "home" or "away".

(Say you choose "Away") Every time an away team goal comes up on the scores you drink.

You choose a team you will drink a short for if they score. (eg. Man United)

If Man U score down a short.

If you play non league also - this is where it gets silly - when checking the computer for non league its ridiculous. Every 5 mins.. Char there have been 12 away goals non league. Drink 12! Oh and 5 league away goals. Shiiiiiiiit.

Jeff Stelling Of Football Scores Fame
Lar ♥'s Him
Matt Bateman ♥'s Him
Well in the whole 90 mins of football scores or however long... I had pretty much downed 6 bottles of corona and was feeling a little bit worse for wear... I really only need to drink three to be a bit drunk so yeah. Its 5pm and I am drunk.
Such a lush.
The boy won £17 by picking the Grand National winner. I won... NADA. Great.
We were gonna go pick up his winnings but got round the corner and saw Zod and Dave outside the Londis so just chatted to them for a bit and then by that time Darran had finished work so we just went back home. I sat in the garden reading a magazine smelling next doors BBQ. Nom nom nommmm. The boy was watching more football. I was totally out footballed at this point.
Football scores. Chelsea game. Barcelona game.... Meh.

But between the Chelsea game and the Barca game the boy and I snuck off and he made up for being an ass previously and then I randomly half sober half drunk made everybody a lush dinner of pesto stuffed turkey steaks, roast potatoes and mange tout, green beans and peas with chopped bacon and mushrooms and then after the Barca game made our excuses for bed and it all fell into place. I can never stay mad for very long.

I think football is ultimately more fun if you a. bet on it and b. fool around in the breaks hahah

Sunday morning was nice, woke up early to cuddles and stuff then the boy went off on his merry way to play football and left me in bed. I watched Hollyoaks for a bit and then text Lar and told her to come meet me for breakfast. I like doing this. Met up at the London Cafe and compared our evenings. Lar and Katy had managed to get so violently drunk that they were making their way home at 11pm and Katy was puking in the street. Very un-Katy like.

Lar had been texting me not actual messages of words just letters the night before so I knew, even though she was hammered the night before she was in bed before 12 so would be up to come meet me. Hahaha. She scrubs up well hungover too. I, on the other hand, do not.

We went home. We finally watched FEED. I wish I never had. I wish I could wash my eyeballs out with soap. Do not watch this. The boy is now a newly proclaimed a hole for even suggesting I should watch this disgusting disgrace of a film. Although he is right, it does suppress your appetite haha.

Then Kamrun came around. We sat in the sun in the garden I told her of the weekends gossip then we went back to hers to meet the boys and watch some more football URGGHH and then go watch them play Sunday night football. Which I will be honest I actually love. And they won and the other team were such bad loser ass holes it was really good to watch them win. HA.
Boy from other team: Your team is really crap. Your team is soo crap.

Steve from our team: Really? Oh. I forgot we were beating you 3-0.

Boy from other team: What did you say?! Do you want me to bang you out?

Steve from our team: Disapproving look and no words.

Boy from other team: I could bang you out....mumble mumble...your teams so crap...mumble mumble.... *cries to his mummy*....mumble mumble....

Shame HA.

Then watched Lost. But I had a headache and was falling asleep so I really need to re-watch.

OH! And in other news when I got home from Lost watching I checked Ebay to see if I had won what I secretly oh so hoped I would win and WOO I WON!

Guess what I won.... For me and the boy... In May.... For cheaper than what you could buy originally.... I spoke about my desire for this here... Here's a clue....

Friday, 9 April 2010

Last night...

I had another small baking crisis.

Its the new house. I swear down. Everything I do in that kitchen is weird!

I thought I would forego Bikram because I had 54 cakes to make for my Nans Village Easter lunch or something. And I didnt want to be up into the wee hours doing it... So I rushed straight back from work and got on with it. 30 Guinness chocolate cakes, 24 lemon cakes, one big bowl of chocolate ganache later I thought I would call my Nana and ask her what she wanted me to do with them collectionwise and thought it was a bit odd that she had not been in contact already... this is at about 8.30pm.

Phone call:
Me - Hi Nan. I'm just making your cakes and wondered did you want mum to pick them up when shes done at the bar and take them home so you can pick them up tomorrow morning??
Nana - Ummmm. 16th Charlie 16th.
Me - Huh?
Nan - I want them on the 16th April.
Me - OH! Oh yeah! Haahah. I have it written on the wall there. D'oh! I knew that! Hahaha. Silly me.
Nana - You've not done them have you?
Me - No. No, no, no. hahah. Don't worry.
Nana - Oh good good good.

HA. Idiot.

So my friends are gonna get caked this weekend.


BUT I made pretty cakes for the lovely girls in Newborn department for stepping up to my challenges and coated them in ganache instead of butter icing and ultimately put more smiles on more faces today.

♥ Thanks Girls ♥

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Thank You Cupcakes

So the boy's parents came over again just before Easter... and for a while now his brother had been going on about how he was top chef and all that... Mick told me he was all talk and it wouldnt happen... Well in his face again said brother, Dave, sent me a cheese cake with the parents! Ahaha. Yessss bad boy cheesecake. Was lush. I was so over awed by it that I didnt bother to take a picture. The boy cut it up for us while he was a wee bit pissed and gave me and Kam the biggest piece I ever did see and we felt a bit sick but, you know, forced it down.

So in a food response.... I made him these for Ray & Mary to take back to Belfast...

I sneakily text him and asked what his favourite colour was and he said yellow so I made him pretty vanilla cupcakes with white and yellow swirled butter icing. And black fondant stars and a cute message piped on.

A week after the parents had gone back to Ireland still no word from Dave so I just text him thinking he was being an ignorant get. He said he had been working loads non stop and hadnt seen his parents so hadnt received his present and I thought oh no! The cakes are gonna be dry as a bone. Theyve been on their travels for just over a week. But apparently he ate one that night and it was still fresh and juicy!

Bitsys Cupcakes stand the travel test Whoop!!!!

Bribery Cupcakes

I've been at it again... Bribing people at work. And they pulled out all the stops and did goooood.

So i made them some easter themed cupcakes. Everyone got excited. Love it. Chocolate Guinness cakes with Dark chocolate butter icing. Topped with a variety of bits... Cadburys Mini Eggs, Mini Cadburys Creme Eggs, Mini Cadburys Caramel Eggs & Smarties Mini Eggs...

♥ Much love to the wonderous dolls at work that helped me out big time ♥

No doubt there'll be more cake coming for you... Its not over yet... not even cloooose!


I knew there was a reason I loved my friend Matt Bateman...

In response to my earlier mood post... He popped to mine after work and brought me all this to cheer me...

His first words when I opened the door...

"I've brought carbs"


Well. I went to sleep upset last night as the boy was being a dick cuz United got knocked out of the Champions League. Well. I am sorry Boy. Didnt know I was supposed to take the brunt of your mardiness. Don't take your shit out on me thanks.

So due to that I woke up a bit meh. Not depressed just mildly annoyed at how he can go from making me feel so lovely to making me feel a bit bobbins.

But I took cakes to work today for some people because they worked hard for me. And everyone has just been so lovely and smiley and nice. It has been a breath of fresh air.

I think if everyone wasnt so lovely today I may well have sat and cried but I didnt.

It may well be because I am crafty and I am bribing them with cake. It may well be because the sun is out. It could also be that they genuinely think I am a nice girl.

I'm sticking with the last one. So I'd just like to send a big hug out to all my girls and boys at work who genuinely made my day today.


I am a dog in a costume and I am not amused

Labels... Ooooh...Labels....

Oh Look. I got labels now!

This will save all you readers from having to skim through all the shite on here.

Those of you that want to look at the cupcakes? All you need to do is go to the right there and click cupcakes and all the related posts will pop up.

Snazzy huh.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A Wee Round Up...

So... Remember I went to see Dave Gorman just before Easter. Well where I went to see him, De Montfort Hall, is where Lar works. Well one night after I had been to see him I was really looking forward to watching a film with Lar that the boy had lent to us called Feed . Which he thought, being as we are obsessed with all the ridiculous fat programmes, we would appreciate. He said it was the most horrific thing he'd watched. And totally put him off food. We thought that would be amazing and a lovely diet trick. Well. We settled in to watch it but forgot that for some reason, being pathetic girls, we couldn't hook the DVD player up to the TV. (Reason being... The scart lead thing is too short to reach from the DVD player to the actual back of the TV. So I thought you could plug it in to the back of the sky box. Well it wont work. I don't know why. But it doesn't.) So due to this and not being able to watch the film I was in a mard. That was until Lar produced this....

She secretly got Dave to sign it for me on the day of his gig and she saved it until a good moment! Instantly cheered! Thanks LAR!!!!

Bank Holiday weekend then came. I had Friday and Monday AND Tuesday off!

Thursday night we went to the bar and played quiz and I sat out drinking til 4.30am. Woo. My lovely awesome friend Matthew Bateman came out and came straight from his new job and looked super snazzy in a suit. I was drunk and told him so. Zoe was there with some mates from work. One of them was called Dan. Matthew and Dan were getting on like a house on fire... Everyone was... Which was odd because we didn't really know them. hahah. When Dan left Matthew, Zod and I ran out of the bar and re-enacted a scene from Alan Partridge when he sees his mate Dan. I will post a video of this at some point in case you don't know it. Its funny as. I don't know if Dan knew what it was. If he didn't we just looked like a bunch of mentals.

Friday I felt like ass then ended up drinking with the boy. Saturday I chilled and made cakes and thought I would have a nice chilled night with a bath and an early night. That went out the window when I was invited for Indian food with some friends. Done. Then I went and sat at the boys and watched Match of the Day til about 11.30pm when I put my foot down and headed home. All because on Easter Sunday me and Savvo were heading for Wales for me to officially become the Fairy Godmother.

Well we set off at 7am. SO I was up at 6. I had a healthy breakfast of Red Bull & a chocolate Rice Crispie bar. Followed by Red Bull for a mid morning snack and half a Lindt egg (Cheers Sav - Feck off Lent!)

We followed Google maps directions until I had to ring my dad in a panic saying...
Me: "We're supposed to get off the motorway at junction 10a. We passed 10 and then came straight to 11. We don't know where to go! We've turned around and now we're at the service station in a panic!"
Dad: "What Motorway you on?"
Me: M5.
Dad: You're supposed to be on the M54. Where are you heading for now?
Me: The signs say Gloucester/Bristol!?!
Dad: Bloody hell child! You're about 50 miles the wrong way! GO BUY A MAP!

Went in the petrol station. Purchased a map. Jemma (mother of said godchild) rang up whilst I was paying and I promptly burst into tears. Cue very scared boy behind the till.

Well I then bombed it. And I mean bombed it. 110mph all the way back to Birmingham...where it appeared it all went wrong and started again. Church service was at 11. We managed to get there at 11.30. Get the Priest to stall!! GET THE PRIEST TO STALL!!!! This is why for a 2.5 hour drive I set off so early because I knew something stupid like that would happen.

Journey from Leicester to Wales - 4.5 hours.
Journey from Wales to Leicester - 2 hours.

Travelled 6.5 hours. Essentially just to devour a buffet.

Bloggers Meet Manon....

Manon meet Bloggers....

Oh and as a side note. Just to prove to y'all what a nice girl I am...
The boy had had a particularly shitty day at work. So much so he text me to say he was in a foul mood and to leave him be for a bit. So I went home and made him a chicken ham mushroom and leek "cheer up pie".

Pie makes everything better.

“When you die, if you get a choice between going to regular heaven or pie heaven, choose pie heaven. It might be a trick, but if it's not, mmmmmmmm, boy.”
~ Jack Handy

Cupcakes. Cupcakes. Cupcakes.

So... I did a little bit of baking this weekend.... Sunday I was officially becoming a Fairy Godmother so I thought as a little prezzie I would make some cupcakes for the christening party....

I thought I would do the little ones name on the cakes... Well... She has the longest name in history so I squidged it up a bit...

Manon Elizabeth Heather-Jane Jones - My God-daughter. Wow. It's weird saying that.
(I have a picture of the little lady... I will put it in a Easter weekend round up post haha)

And here's her name, not in lights, but on cake... which is ultimately better.
Guinness chocolate cake to be precise with bubblegum pink butter icing.

And then Lar asked me to do some cupcakes for her cousin Jen's 21st. Again, Guinness chocolate cake.

Pretty. Pretty. Pretty.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

2 Things We Loved Around Our Old Home....

System's down at work... again.... so....

I was feeling a little bit nostalgic after doing my "2 Things Around My Home" thing... Because we have just moved on from Dulverton Palace... Which at one point was the place where dreams were made! SO many happy memories and nice things that went on. Lots of laughter. Lots of late night giggles. Lots of silly TV watching. Lots of shared dinners. Lots of parties.

But alas... Once there was 3. Now there are 2. Booooo. Although I still love living with Just Lar its just different.

NYE 2009 Dulverton Palace

I dont think there has ever been a bigger collection of pratts. We actually really did laugh ALL THE TIME. Zod made honk honk noises to clear her ears and made totally un PC jokes. Lar encouraged late night dancing to Mcfly singing into hairbrushes after only half a can of cider whilst the boy was asleep on the sofa. I was the queen of dramatic entrances... Waltzing into the lounge in drunk tears exclaiming Bonjourrrrrrrrrrr. To a room full of Lar, Zod and Lars "boyfriend" who I had not met. So to make up for this I disappeared off to the kitchen and and piped his name on a cupcake and presented it like a cat. hahahahahah.

(You had to be there.)

2 Things we used to love around our old home....


I rescued Bern. From a sordid life in a charity shop. For 50p. Yeah thats right. 50p And brought him home to the girls. Zoe thought he had fleas. Lar loved him like her own. He lived in the fireplace. He came into his own at parties.

Lar & Bernard ~ A Love Story

For Christmas I Wanted A Real-Life Donkey.
Denied (thanks folks) ~ This Would Have To Do

Classy David Hasslehoff Toilet Seat Cover

A lovely Christmas present from Laura. I know not where she got this from. Its truly horrendous. But truly Amazing at the same time. Laura. Where did you get this.

Zoe Liked To Sit On His Face.

Just so you know. Donkeys and Davids are for life not just for Christmas so these pair are now safe and sound in Luther Vandross Heights.

Zoe has defected to live with her boyfriend. She gave us custody of them. Her boyfriend Dave wasnt happy about there being another Dave in her life. She visits often.

Wedding update...

Remember in December I did a beautiful pile of cupcakes for a wedding for a lovely couple at work... See this lovely post if you don't recall... Wellllllll... The other day Anna, the bride, sent me an email with some of her wedding pics on and was happy for me to post some up on here so you could see how lovely everything look....

The Happy Couple & The Cupcakes

Beautiful Cupcakes

They had a wonderful day. They loved the cupcakes and I was very proud.