Monday, 19 April 2010

Easter Cupcakes

Remember this baking crisis? Well. I have redeemed myself. Phew!

Cakes went down a storm at my Nana's village Easter Lunch. I was very pleased with them. I baked late into the night again like a mentalist. But I like it. Specially as its starting to get warmer and I can have the kitchen door open. As long as I got music I'm alllll good!

So here are the little beauts. I was asked for chocolate cake... so I did my usual snazzy old Guinness choc cake. And then Nan also asked that for half of them could they be filled with choccy ganache (as I did her some of these for Christmas and she love love loved it) so I did as I was told. I was gonna make her some lemon cakes (which I did do when I made the first "accidental" lot) but I wasnt sure they were as good as they could be so I gave them the chop. I need to practise practise practise more. I am such a perfectionist apparently. But hey what the fecks the point if theyre not top notch eh?

From Above...

From the side...

Little Beauty By Itself...

That's One Cute Chick...

I used 100% cocoa powder (which I use in all my choc cakes) in the butter icing for a gorgeous chocolatey kick. It really is the nicest icing. And on one third of the cakes I sprinkled a bit of glitter and put half a mini cadburys creme egg on there. They were little buggers to cut in half and keep in one piece! Remember I put whole ones on the ones I gave out at work... Was spending shit loads of pounds on mini creme eggs so decided to half it and it also looked a lot neater and to be honest for the consumer would have not been too much as I am sure a whole one would have been. I'm all about saving you calories. Now you didnt have that half an egg you can prob go treat yourself to a Starbucks Mocha Light Frap. Do it. Theyre the best things EVER.

Also... I topped a third of the cakes with Smarties mini eggs. These are way cooler than normal mini eggs to top the cakes with because they are all cute and bright.
And the last third I had some chicks in baskets so I whacked those on. They look so cute.
Thanks for your order Nana.

Happy Belated Easter to the Old People of Ratby!!

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