Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Irish Mancunian...

I thought I would do a quick little post about the Irish Mancunian...

Partly because I know he reads this blog and he's too far away for me to see as much as I would like.

And I thought if I were to show my appreciation on here it would add to the silly things I do for him to show my appreciation
Par Example:
  • Send him silly faxes from the work fax machine... Don't reply! Don't reply!
  • Send him silly cards in the post.
  • Text him silly things like about my toast obsession. Ha.
I would totally send him Kissograms and things like that if I had all the money in the world.
And flowers... to the office.

SO I would just like to share with this little booth in the cafe that is the internet what a nice boy the Irish Mancunian is.

Plus points:
Looks like Russ from Hollyoaks

Is very sweet.

Fit as a fiddle - He runs for charity.

Makes french toast and bacon for breakfast if I beg.

Listens to me when I go on and on about general shite.

(In a nice way) Tells me I am being a dickhead if I need to be told.

He's funny.

Drives a nice car.

Takes me for lunch.

Likes good music and good films.

And a whole world of other things!

So there you go.

Read that and weep Padwarrrr.

LADIES. If you think this man is desirable... Let me know. He's single. I'll hook you up. Don't worry if you don't live here... He likes to write letters.

Personally I think being as I have advertised him so so so well....I think, basically, he should take me to New York in September. Thanks. Yeah. I'm only little. I won't take up much space.
I'm little and I am poor. I deserve charity.

Maybe if one of you hot girls snap him up he will be so happy that he will take me as a surprise hahahahaha.

♥ Love You! ♥

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