Monday, 19 April 2010

Weekend Round up...

You ready?

Its not exciting.

Friday, met the boy and Picto for after work drinks. It was nice and I am a light weight. But it felt summery and I was enjoying myself.

Picto is standing for Local MP for Leicester West for the Pirate Party.

(As internet users this political party may be of interest to you. They are worldwide.

Go Look Pirate Party UK.

There are links to a whole heap of countries which may well include yours here

Basically ( and I am in no way polictical no, no, no) They are onto copyright laws...something to do with if you buy a CD you should be able to copy it to your Ipod or whatever and other such things like file sharing etc. They are onto privacy issues... I'm not even going into this its long...feel free to read about it on the Manifesto... And they're also onto freedom of speech and things like that. Oh I don't know. I am not a very good advert. )

Go look at the site.

I digress...

Anyway so yeah, we went for drinks and met some bloke from the Pirate Party. There was meant to be a small gathering of Pirate Party members but noone else showed up. How shitty. But it was cool cuz we didnt have to talk politics. Cuz I would have been bored bored bored.

Carried on drinking. Went home. Woke up the next day. Had toast for breakfast.

Saturday, went back over to the boys and we went out to the pub to watch the Spurs Chelsea game with Darran (big fat Spurs fan) I hate Chelsea, we all hate Chelsea so the fact that Spurs won and smug wanker John Terry got sent off made it a worthwhile and extremely excitable pub visit. Darran and the boy getting particularly excited and having lots of hugs and stuff. Hahaha very sweet.

Went back to the boys at about 8pm he promptly fell asleep on the couch everyone else went home. Watched a bit of Brasseye and then went and climbed into his bed about 10 and watched some Run Fat Boy Run before falling asleep. Woke up about 1 went and roused boy from the sofa to come to bed cuz it was freezing up there. Fell asleep having a nice cuddle woke up and had laughs watching race car driving...(grand prix??). He left for football. I had toast for breakfast.

Sunday was nice. The weather was lovely. Sat in the garden with Lar for ages when I got home. We had the spotify playlist running and it was lush. Then met up with Kam, Darran, Steve & Nuj and we headed to the local beauty spot Bradgate Park for a picnic.

It seems as soon as the smallest bit of sun pops out everyone loses the clothes and runs to the nearest open space with a towel and a picnic. Its funny. normally when I go to this park its just got joggers and dog walkers and the odd few families but today it was rammed. We walked away from the crowds up a big hill and sat under a tree over looking the whole of the park. Was pretty.
Came home. Went to the boys and watched Delirious with him. I had never heard of it but it was really funny, if you like late 80s early 90s movies with John Candy then you will love this.

I love John Candy

Then went to watch the boy play footy. Got mega angry at the other team but super excited cuz the boy kept getting angry and I like it and they won and it was a good match. Then came back ate pizza and watched lost.

Then went home went to bed and HOORAH MONDAY! (please note sarcasm)

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