Sunday, 25 April 2010

Things I have done...# 1

I took part in a mix CD swap on Tiffany's blog. for fun... I have never done anything like this before... so it was pretty cool. I sent mine to Claire. I hope she likes it. To be fair. I didnt realise when you had to get it to your swap partner for and I was super busy so I used Lar's Itunes and took some cool songs off there. I would have liked to have given it more time and gone through my CD collection and put the tracks on the computer but alas. I am rubbish and always late with everything.

THEN! When I had rushed to get it ready and made the cover all pretty I realised I was supposed to do two! But that was kinda good because I had found more songs than I loved than I could fit on the first one... but I had no case for the CD so had to make it out of an envelope etc. Didnt get a picture of that... AND THENNNNN! As I had rushed and finally got two masterpieces together I went to send them from the post office by Airmail. Only to be told by the grumpy lady in there.

Lady: Airmail. Hmph. Dunno when it will get there.
No bloody planes flying.
From that there Volcano ash.

Me: Look lady!
Just put it in your post bag.
Its not like youre gonna put all the airmail
post in a bag and just forget about it and find it years
later and be featured in the local paper for returning mail
to its rightful owners 12 years after they should have got it.
Just take it.
Put it in your airmail bag.
And then it will go when everything is de-volcanoised.
Don't think I am taking it back with me to save
until I think its safe for it to go on a plane.
Dont you give me the evil eye.
I see you.
I seeeeeeee you.

I hope you like it Claire. I can never be sure. But who can when youre sending music to someone you dont know hey?


  1. I would have LOVED to take part in something like this. Can I be your blog Padewan? You can teach me where the cool blogs are about stuff I'd like.

    Mind you its not like I've got a ton of spare time to read them but its the thought that counts.

  2. Yo yo! Sure! Ha. Although I have terrible taste. I like tragic stories and pretty pictures. OH I dont know if you will like this one... but go here... never fails to make me piss myself laughing and feel better about the fact that a headline like these beauties would never be written about me... I hope....

    oh hahhah. I laugh just thinking about it.

  3. I'm gonna love it! I hope you love mine as well. I sent them last week so hopefully, now that we're rid of the volcanic ash, they'll arrive sometime soon. "Sway" by Bic Runga is one of my faves so I can already tell it will be great. :)

  4. Not received as of yet... but soon I am sure! Let me know when you get yours! xx