Wednesday, 21 April 2010


I am still squirrelling away at work and it is 7.15pm. Meh.
Think of me whilst you chill.


  1. This is too cute!


  2. Hey! My weekend was good..and now its almost the weekend again, how time flies! haha.

    What did you go to buy? Did you buy it? I am going to be setting up the shop on Facebook tonight too, so if you didn't want to do all the faffing of registering on Folksy I will give you the FB link and you just pay with Paypal through your FB account....let me know :)

    Things are indeed on the up, biding my time is so not fun though! It usually involves me spending money or eating food that I shouldn't do *tut tut*

  3. Got your message and am very excited about the cds! I promise to have yours mailed out in the next few days. xoxo.

  4. cool beans girl. hope you like... i dont know if you will but the thought was there...

  5. Ok for some reason there are like 5 ppl called Bitsy Von Muffling on fb!! So here is the Purple Shmurple page link for you..if you 'like' the page it automatically gives you 10% off too :)


  6. oh booo!! some days are super long! {cute picture though!!}