Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Death Yoga...

Yesterday I powerhoused....

I got picked up from work so I could make it to the gym for the half 5 Cardio Kickboxing Class.

I absolutely LOVE this class. And last night it was so so so so soooo good because she had changed up the music and there was a bit of N-Dubz in there. I proper love my urban when I am kickboxing hahah.

Then after an hour of pretending to punch people and some stomach breaking ab work I chipped into town for 90 minutes of Death Yoga. Otherwise known as Bikram Yoga.

I totally thought I would be dead and wouldnt be able to do anything but I reckon I had the best class I have ever had. I slightly love Death Yoga also. I dont know why. It makes me feel good.

Although yesterday when I came out and had to walk home I would have preferred to have been rolled home and this morning, due to the kickboxing, I may as well have no arms.

Today, I tried to lift a folder and failed. I am so feeeeble.

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