Monday, 12 April 2010

Weekend Things...

Well this weekend was one of the nicest in a while...

Friday I had a half day from work. Spring cleaned the entire house and made it pretty then I totally chiiiiiillllled. I relaxed. I showered - long time. Pedicured. Manicured. Intensively conditioned my hair. Full on scrubbed/exfoliated/steamed/moisturised. Caught up on Sky Plussed TV. Chilled in PJs. Watched a shit movie. Ate a potato. That kind of thing.

Then Saturday I went to the boy's. He made me rice and chicken for lunch. We walked in the sun to the bookies drinking purple Rubicon - the best kind - and made bets on the National and the football. I'm not normally a massive gambler (if you do not include the national lottery or scratch cards...) but I get ever so excited in the bet shop! My friend Darran works there and he hates me coming in because of how excited I get and the fact that I am full of betting questions that he cant be bothered to answer. Haha... Shame.

Then we came home and played Home & Away

* Home & Away *
A drinking game played whilst watching the football scores come in.

You choose whether you are "home" or "away".

(Say you choose "Away") Every time an away team goal comes up on the scores you drink.

You choose a team you will drink a short for if they score. (eg. Man United)

If Man U score down a short.

If you play non league also - this is where it gets silly - when checking the computer for non league its ridiculous. Every 5 mins.. Char there have been 12 away goals non league. Drink 12! Oh and 5 league away goals. Shiiiiiiiit.

Jeff Stelling Of Football Scores Fame
Lar ♥'s Him
Matt Bateman ♥'s Him
Well in the whole 90 mins of football scores or however long... I had pretty much downed 6 bottles of corona and was feeling a little bit worse for wear... I really only need to drink three to be a bit drunk so yeah. Its 5pm and I am drunk.
Such a lush.
The boy won £17 by picking the Grand National winner. I won... NADA. Great.
We were gonna go pick up his winnings but got round the corner and saw Zod and Dave outside the Londis so just chatted to them for a bit and then by that time Darran had finished work so we just went back home. I sat in the garden reading a magazine smelling next doors BBQ. Nom nom nommmm. The boy was watching more football. I was totally out footballed at this point.
Football scores. Chelsea game. Barcelona game.... Meh.

But between the Chelsea game and the Barca game the boy and I snuck off and he made up for being an ass previously and then I randomly half sober half drunk made everybody a lush dinner of pesto stuffed turkey steaks, roast potatoes and mange tout, green beans and peas with chopped bacon and mushrooms and then after the Barca game made our excuses for bed and it all fell into place. I can never stay mad for very long.

I think football is ultimately more fun if you a. bet on it and b. fool around in the breaks hahah

Sunday morning was nice, woke up early to cuddles and stuff then the boy went off on his merry way to play football and left me in bed. I watched Hollyoaks for a bit and then text Lar and told her to come meet me for breakfast. I like doing this. Met up at the London Cafe and compared our evenings. Lar and Katy had managed to get so violently drunk that they were making their way home at 11pm and Katy was puking in the street. Very un-Katy like.

Lar had been texting me not actual messages of words just letters the night before so I knew, even though she was hammered the night before she was in bed before 12 so would be up to come meet me. Hahaha. She scrubs up well hungover too. I, on the other hand, do not.

We went home. We finally watched FEED. I wish I never had. I wish I could wash my eyeballs out with soap. Do not watch this. The boy is now a newly proclaimed a hole for even suggesting I should watch this disgusting disgrace of a film. Although he is right, it does suppress your appetite haha.

Then Kamrun came around. We sat in the sun in the garden I told her of the weekends gossip then we went back to hers to meet the boys and watch some more football URGGHH and then go watch them play Sunday night football. Which I will be honest I actually love. And they won and the other team were such bad loser ass holes it was really good to watch them win. HA.
Boy from other team: Your team is really crap. Your team is soo crap.

Steve from our team: Really? Oh. I forgot we were beating you 3-0.

Boy from other team: What did you say?! Do you want me to bang you out?

Steve from our team: Disapproving look and no words.

Boy from other team: I could bang you out....mumble mumble...your teams so crap...mumble mumble.... *cries to his mummy*....mumble mumble....

Shame HA.

Then watched Lost. But I had a headache and was falling asleep so I really need to re-watch.

OH! And in other news when I got home from Lost watching I checked Ebay to see if I had won what I secretly oh so hoped I would win and WOO I WON!

Guess what I won.... For me and the boy... In May.... For cheaper than what you could buy originally.... I spoke about my desire for this here... Here's a clue....


  1. I won on the Grand National too. The only bet I place every year.

    Ooooh you got FOTC tickets!!!!! I've got some too! I got pre-sale for Manchester Apollo! I'm so excited I could explode. A month today....

  2. I hate you...I really do.

    No I don't. Sigh.