Thursday, 8 April 2010


Well. I went to sleep upset last night as the boy was being a dick cuz United got knocked out of the Champions League. Well. I am sorry Boy. Didnt know I was supposed to take the brunt of your mardiness. Don't take your shit out on me thanks.

So due to that I woke up a bit meh. Not depressed just mildly annoyed at how he can go from making me feel so lovely to making me feel a bit bobbins.

But I took cakes to work today for some people because they worked hard for me. And everyone has just been so lovely and smiley and nice. It has been a breath of fresh air.

I think if everyone wasnt so lovely today I may well have sat and cried but I didnt.

It may well be because I am crafty and I am bribing them with cake. It may well be because the sun is out. It could also be that they genuinely think I am a nice girl.

I'm sticking with the last one. So I'd just like to send a big hug out to all my girls and boys at work who genuinely made my day today.


I am a dog in a costume and I am not amused


  1. I totally hate/can't understand that whole 'football is the be all and end all' thing...luckily my boy isn't into football one bit. If he was i'd probably kick him.
    The good thing about you making cakes is that cakes always make people feel better. And you are people (or rather a person) so it makes you feel better too! Yay cakes.

    Mountain Dew is the drink of the gods. Its so damned hard to get in the UK, so I buy it here they sell ace things from all over the world too.

    And yay to you buying from my shop!! :) Sales are good. Just like cake.

  2. well i am glad they were so nice to you at work, and your man better be nice to you today/tonight to make up for last night! he better!