Thursday, 29 April 2010

Kamrun's Birthday

Today is my awesome friend Kamrun's birthday... she is the baby of the gang and is only 25. I feel pretty lame because they are all out at the pub only around the corner but I am cream crackered and instead am in bed blogging. Work is knackering me at the moment.

But I did do good things... I saw her last night and we did silly things like drink Malibu and Milk (try it... it really is awesome!) chatted for hours and then went on an adventure and followed the boys whilst they were flyering for the Pirate Party... you know the sort of thing... running quietly hiding behind trees and cars trying not to giggle. Was fun...

And then today text her nice birthday messages only for her to say she felt sad and didnt like birthdays and was at work and it was crappo. I hadnt had time to get her a present so I ordered for a beautiful bunch of flowers to be delivered the same day to her work, I couldnt have her feeling sad! I would absolutely die if someone sent me flowers to work so worded the card as...

Happy Birthday Kamrun.
Receiving flowers at work is the gayest thing so...
Here you go.
Lots of Love, Char xxx

Hahah and true to form she received them and died of embarrassment. But the thought was there and she did love them.
And then I made her a cute card...

And then I went home and made her snickers cupcakes because snickers is her fave chocolate bar. Another invention. The photos are crap. Shakey hand tonight...

Snickers chopped up on the inside.
Dark chocolate melted into the butter icing.
And a slab of snickers plonked on the top.

♥ Happy Birthday Kamrun... You truely are AWESOME! ♥

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