Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Monsieur Bateman...

Do you remember calling me from the Leicester City Football Club Player of the Year Awards at 1am and the conversation going like this;

Matt: Hellooooooooo Hellooooooooo
Char: Hello?
Matt: What would you say if me and Lar brought some
booze back to yours.
Char: What? I'm sleeping.
Matt: If we bought some booze would you drink it with us?
Char: I am sleeping. I have work in the morning.
Matt: Will you drink booze with us?!?!?!
Char: I'm sleeping but you can bring booze and drink it while I am sleeping.
That isnt a problem.
Matt: Drink booze with ussssssssss.
Char: (quite blatantly lying) Maybe I will come down and say hi to you.
Matt: Ok Ok We will bring booze.
Char: Bye *secretly hoping no one brings booze. no one jumps on her bed.
no one rings her again.*

Matthew stop leading Lar astray.

Ps. For those that are wondering. He rang off Lar's phone. So I answered because I worried maybe it was an emergency like, er... you know, she couldn't get in the front door or something.

She obviously knew this hence letting him use her phone.

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