Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Cool Blog = Dolce Vita....

I think, if you know whats good for you, you should go look at THIS blog. Dolce Vita.

Do you know why.... Because the lovely Micaela is doing a give away and I want to win! I never win. I want to win for once. And I want to win because I want a chalk mug. AND I want a bow necklace.

I'm ever so deserving.

Why do I deserve all these good things.
  • I have done 4 exercise classes this week so far and its only Wednesday.
  • I like to forward roll from my bedroom to the bathroom.
  • I have only eaten one easter egg this week.
  • If I eat any of Lar's food from the fridge I always replace it.
  • I would only use the finest cheeses if I were to make Macaroni Cheese.
  • I eat my crusts.
  • I like shoes.
  • I do not shout at dogs.

BUT ABOVE ALL...and the real reason.... not the selfish reasons I just wrote...because I am trying to be funny.... but really I am not....

Go look at her blog because its lovely and she is lovely and writes really nice things that I think are interesting to read and theres lots of pretty pictures to browse.


  1. you are so funny! :) and just lovely! this post made me smile. I really wish i could pick the winner, cos this post is most deserving of a win ;) lol

    but hopefully the canister of chance chooses you and you'll have your name in their twice so perhaps!

    i ADORE you for this!!! xoxo

  2. Oh my gosh, I couldn't agree more. I love her blog, and yours! And the forward roll from the bedroom to the bathroom is priceless!

  3. Love your blog...and hers for that matter.

    p.s. your cupcake post is amaaazing. :)