Thursday, 29 April 2010

I have been inventing!!

Everyone at work is doing me proud... And this is because I keep making them cakes!

So, this time around I thought everyone likes raspberry and white chocolate... they've always been quite a hit before... so I will do them... jog on to Tesco.

Hello Tesco. Oh look! Your shelves are bare as per bloody usual of late. NO raspberries.

It really has gone downhill. But they had blackberries so I thought ahhh sod it that'll do. And collected a few other bits and paid. Then I thought... Hmmm I dont know if blackberry will go with white choc? That seems a bit too snazzy for blackberry. Blackberries to me are old school berries that your Nana makes things out of. Not snazzy blackberry and white choc cupcakes. So I dashed to spar. Its only over the way from Tesco... It used to be crap but I think the fact that they plonked a Tesco right across the way made them try harder.

Yeh so Spar had raspberries so I brought them too. So now I am over run with berries and dont really know what to do... Oh sod... I am rambling. To cut a long boring windey road of a story short...

I had a think and decided to do the raspberry and white chocolate cakes with white chocolate butter icing. And with the blackberries...I bought an apple. Then I made apple and blackberry cupcakes. Oh and I had 4 spare just vanilla cupcakes with my new secret soft as feck vanilla recipe. So I filled them with jam.

Check them out...

Apple & Blackberry Crumble Cupcakes

With custard butter icing

And a crumble top

Vanilla Cupcake filled with strawberry jam

With custard butter icing and red sugar sprinkles

White chocolate & raspberry cupcakes

With white chocolate butter icing with a sprinkle of glitter

Ta Daaaaa

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