Thursday, 1 April 2010

2 Things We Loved Around Our Old Home....

System's down at work... again.... so....

I was feeling a little bit nostalgic after doing my "2 Things Around My Home" thing... Because we have just moved on from Dulverton Palace... Which at one point was the place where dreams were made! SO many happy memories and nice things that went on. Lots of laughter. Lots of late night giggles. Lots of silly TV watching. Lots of shared dinners. Lots of parties.

But alas... Once there was 3. Now there are 2. Booooo. Although I still love living with Just Lar its just different.

NYE 2009 Dulverton Palace

I dont think there has ever been a bigger collection of pratts. We actually really did laugh ALL THE TIME. Zod made honk honk noises to clear her ears and made totally un PC jokes. Lar encouraged late night dancing to Mcfly singing into hairbrushes after only half a can of cider whilst the boy was asleep on the sofa. I was the queen of dramatic entrances... Waltzing into the lounge in drunk tears exclaiming Bonjourrrrrrrrrrr. To a room full of Lar, Zod and Lars "boyfriend" who I had not met. So to make up for this I disappeared off to the kitchen and and piped his name on a cupcake and presented it like a cat. hahahahahah.

(You had to be there.)

2 Things we used to love around our old home....


I rescued Bern. From a sordid life in a charity shop. For 50p. Yeah thats right. 50p And brought him home to the girls. Zoe thought he had fleas. Lar loved him like her own. He lived in the fireplace. He came into his own at parties.

Lar & Bernard ~ A Love Story

For Christmas I Wanted A Real-Life Donkey.
Denied (thanks folks) ~ This Would Have To Do

Classy David Hasslehoff Toilet Seat Cover

A lovely Christmas present from Laura. I know not where she got this from. Its truly horrendous. But truly Amazing at the same time. Laura. Where did you get this.

Zoe Liked To Sit On His Face.

Just so you know. Donkeys and Davids are for life not just for Christmas so these pair are now safe and sound in Luther Vandross Heights.

Zoe has defected to live with her boyfriend. She gave us custody of them. Her boyfriend Dave wasnt happy about there being another Dave in her life. She visits often.

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  1. bah! this post is so cute, and it made me laugh. :)