Thursday, 8 April 2010

Thank You Cupcakes

So the boy's parents came over again just before Easter... and for a while now his brother had been going on about how he was top chef and all that... Mick told me he was all talk and it wouldnt happen... Well in his face again said brother, Dave, sent me a cheese cake with the parents! Ahaha. Yessss bad boy cheesecake. Was lush. I was so over awed by it that I didnt bother to take a picture. The boy cut it up for us while he was a wee bit pissed and gave me and Kam the biggest piece I ever did see and we felt a bit sick but, you know, forced it down.

So in a food response.... I made him these for Ray & Mary to take back to Belfast...

I sneakily text him and asked what his favourite colour was and he said yellow so I made him pretty vanilla cupcakes with white and yellow swirled butter icing. And black fondant stars and a cute message piped on.

A week after the parents had gone back to Ireland still no word from Dave so I just text him thinking he was being an ignorant get. He said he had been working loads non stop and hadnt seen his parents so hadnt received his present and I thought oh no! The cakes are gonna be dry as a bone. Theyve been on their travels for just over a week. But apparently he ate one that night and it was still fresh and juicy!

Bitsys Cupcakes stand the travel test Whoop!!!!

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