Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Why is Blogger so WEIRD.

I have just published my posts I did at home the other day and saved to publish at a later date when I had better things to write/more time etc. But Blogger will only "backdate" publish. It publishes them to the day you saved them first.

Is it only me that thinks this is rubbish? Now nothing is in order. And you can't change it. Or can you and I am just being thick!?

So scroll down a wee bit. Cuz there's about 4 cool posts you will be missing from SUNDAY 25th APRIL. which to be honest I wanted to be dated today.



  1. Yeah, stupid aint it.

    I usually copy and paste the content into a new post then publish it, then delete the original draft.

    Will have a look back!

  2. Blogger makes me sad. They are always ruining my life!