Sunday, 25 July 2010

cupcakes what what...

Another birthday another cupcake order...

This time for my mums friends daughter Sam.

Vanilla cupcakes with nutella squashed in the middle...

With creamy pink vanilla buttercream and pretty decoration.

Like sugar paste roses...sugar paste hearts... cute heart sprinkles and lots of glitter.

Lar's Birthday

It was Lar's birthday on Friday and we took on the town. As you do.

But Also...

I made her some beautiful cupcakes in the style of the wizard of oz... because thats what she likes and I am nice like that.

She was amazed because I had made out that I was a shitty friend and that i had not made her anything or brought her anything and generally was a shit but then we took her to dinner and the waitress brought these out and all was redeemed and everyone in the restaurant sang happy birthday and cheered and it was sweeeeeet.

So yeah. We ate good food. We drank good wine. We had good cupcakes. We applied good bronzer. (thank you Laura Mercier ,you god you) and we danced good and hard.

Thanks for having us Leicester.

Friday, 23 July 2010


But I suppose if anything makes me feel not like throwing myself off a cliff its this...


He does look sad like me.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

A glorious weekend for cupcakes!

I have been keeping myself busy with cupcakes this weekend. I baked Friday and it was pretty cool doing so, because I bake in the Soundhouse kitchen now, so I get to watch bands while cakes are cooking/cooling etc!

So what have I done....

These cakes were left over from orders that I made so I put them in a pretty glass cake stand and sell them in the Soundhouse. Go there and buy them! Guinness choc cake this week with vanilla butter icing... These ones just looked pretty with various sprinkles and sparkles.

It was Lars moms birthday so Lar put an order in for 6 for the lovely Jane. Jane likes a good cup of tea and a smoke... So we decided to make little ciggies and a tea pot with the words mum. I think they look lovely. With nice purple cupcake cases and lilac and purple glitter... Apparently, she loved them!

See this guy right... That's John. (with me sneaking in the back...) Hes my pal and I love him so being as his birthday was Saturday I thought I would make him some lovely cakes... I wasn't sure what to do on them though and then I thought... I know... I will get creepy on his ass and try and create his head out of icing... a bit like in the "hello" video by Lionel Richie but not as detailed... hahah.

So yeah... look at his face here... and then look at the cupcakes and then compare....


My bro was working the bar when I was creating this and he came into the kitchen and i said... Yo. Do you think this looks like John....? He said .... Hmmmm his hair needs to be higher.
Its true. But I worked it... I think I did ok. I hope I creeped him out a bit.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

How's Everybodies Week Going So Far....

Its thursday which basically means its the weekend because Friday's dont count... even though they are my busy day... but still.

I am so bored. Literally so bored I could die. And I am totally on edge because I have to have a talk with the boy tonight. So whatever I do have to do, work-wise, I dont want to do because its boring today and not keeping my mind busy.

Uh I hate feeling like this. But things like this have been going on for ages and I suppose it cant go on forever. Its either gonna hurt like hell now or hurt like hell in the future. So maybe... like a plaster I should rip it off now?


I dont want to. I wish he'd just accept me for who I am and love me loads and be happy and laugh with me. Not be afraid of what other people will think or how things will end up.

It makes me a wee bit paranoid. I fear hes embarrassed. He says hes not but when he freaks out about everything I dont see what else it can be.

Its making me feel like shit and become a paranoid mess, and I dont like it. So I guess I am trying to save myself?

Thanks for taking the time to browse!!

So there you have it...

All the latest for you to see.

I'm sorry to do such a massive load of posts but I wanted to keep y'all up to speed.

I hope to hear great things from you lot! I miss you!!

I promise I will make more of an effort from now on!!


Cupcake Update 9.... LAST ONE!!!!

I know you all know about my parents new venture...

And I moved Bitsys Cupcakery from my home to the Sound House kitchen...
Poor Lar... She loved living in a bakery

I thought I could make cupcakes for the Sound House to sell at lunchtimes...

So for the opening weekend "Sound House is GO!" I made these little beasts.

Lemon Cupcakes Filled With Lemon Curd With Yellow Butter Icing
Vanilla Cupcakes with Sound House Logo


Cupcake Update 8.....

Not long back, our friend Karl got married....
If you recall I sent him cupcakes for his stag (bachelor) party... If you dont remember go look...

Well... about a year or so later... him and his lovely wife Maria had a little boy called Joey.

The Irish Mancunian asked me whether he could order some "Its a boy!" cupcakes to take down when he went to visit them...

So I made them some pretty blue vanilla cupcakes choc full of nutella...

Congratulations Karl & Maria
You are so lovely and Joey is uber lucky to have such awesome parents

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Cupcake Update 7.... (told you there'd be loads!)

Not long back I decided to put Bitsy's Cupcakery onto Facebook...

This is one of the first orders I got from someone I dont know!

Thanks to Jag for ordering these pretty little cupcakes for her daughters birthday party!!

Vanilla cupcakes with nutella centre and yellow butter icing
Thanks again Jag... I'm so glad you, your daughter and her friends loved these!!

Cupcake Update 6...

Our girl got married...

The first one of our lot to defect to the married bench...

Miss Briar Mays became Mrs Briar Casella....

I made her and her new husband some pretty cupcakes as a little wedding present

Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes

Mr & Mrs Casella
The Happy Couple

All the girls at the most beautiful wedding ever

Cupcake Update 5.... (sorrrrrryyyy)

Birthday cupcake order for Emma...

Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes

Cupcake Update 4....

In June the lovely John dropped me a text and said... "Yo its Savvo's birthday soon... Can you knock me up a pizza cake? You know... a cake...that looks like a pizza."

I said "Leave it to me..."

Et Voila!

Vanilla cake base. Red butter icing base topped with a bit of jam for that authentic tomatoey look.
Cherry sour discs for pepperoni.
Green and red liquorice laces for peppers.
Sugarpaste sliced mushrooms.
Grated white chocolate for cheese.

Pizza Cake! (Piece a cake...gettit??? hahah)

And I thought I would feature the lovely pair because they are just so... lovely.

Cupcake Update 3...

One Friday we went to Goals Football Centre (where the boy plays his 5 a side Sunday football...) because they were having an awards evening and the boys were due some medals for being the funnest team at Goals. hahah.

Picto decided, as manager of the Beardfaces, that they should do their own award for the best referee, so he decided to commission me to make some cupcakes for the team and then a slightly bigger one for the award for the ref... who is really sweet, if not a little pervy, actually.

He wanted blue and yellow cupcakes and then the main cupcake to have the Beardfaces team badge on it... I thought "no sweat".

Well after about 2 hours of trying to get the bastard badge right it came out quite well. (hardest bloody badge to pipe in the history of man!)

It took AGES. Right... Did it... Thought... Hmmm that's fine and then stupidly dropped the scissors and smeared and squashed bit of it! (What was I thinking?!?!?!)

Using cocktails sticks and a steady hand cleaned it up and re piped bits... put it in the fridge... (it was roasting and it was getting all melty.

Took it out of the fridge to place on cupcake (was piped onto a square of sugar paste) and the sides folded down a bit to shape to the cupcake...
OH LOOK... all the icing I had piped has all cracked.

Cue me storming about the house shouting at things that weren't there and then piping over the cracks,
I am surprised that badge didn't stand 3 foot out from the cake the amount of layers that were on it.

The ref and his daughter shared the cake. His little girl danced at the disco like she was on crack.
That's the sugar baby!

Cupcake Update 2...

So, this July I baked gorgeous cupcakes for my second wedding order... I'm getting a bit good at this big order lark! This time for Charlotte & Paul, again at the City Rooms in Leicester.

Charlotte & her Irish hubby, Paul asked for the Guinness Chocolate cake as they had had this when Tara ordered some cakes for their engagement present... and Paul said they were the best cupcakes he had EVER had. Take his word for it! They wanted pretty pastel cupcakes as favours for their guests to make up a beautiful table filled with pick and mix sweets in beautiful vintage jars and bowls and a three tiered wedding cake...

See the process below...

And now... on my pretty new Iphone I have a cute application to make your
pictures look like they have been shot on a hipstamatic camera
so the next couple of pics are just me showing that off.... how pretty!!

The pretty Pick and Mix

Here goes nothing...

Cupcake Update 1!

Ok my lovely lovely followers, who I have neglected for faarrrr too long, these cupcakes date waaaay back to Fathers day back in June, when the world cup was still going and England were still in. (so ages ago. haha)

These English bad boys were a mix of double chocolate cupcakes (guinness chocolate cake with choc chips) and Vanilla choc chip cupcakes decorated with vanilla butter cream.

An order for Zoe... Happy Fathers day (although its belated now) Zoe's dad!!

Is anyone out there....?

England (well Leicester...) is killing me.

How many readers do I have??? 75? If everyone put £10 into a charity pot for me... I may well be able to take a trip somewhere or at least buy myself something pretty. I am so down and feel like I cannot get out of this hole. I just want to be away. AWAY I TELLS YA.

How many people read this? I'm sorry if you are one of the unfortunate that do. I used to be funny. Now look at me ahahah.

Help. Help. Help.


Friday, 9 July 2010

A Little Warning... and a tiny apology...

The apology is...

That I havent blogged in AGGGGES. I dont know if anyone has noticed...

(except for little Quincifer over there at ...Like A Fool In The Rain...
Who, might I add, has a wicked awesome blog and is my blog pal. So go check her out)

But yeah, whether you have noticed or not. I havent... and I feel a bit sad about that. People still manage to blog who have had babies or have probably lost fingers in some kind of machinery accident but me. No. But... I think... I am pretty much back.

I need to get out of my black cloud and maybe you lot, you fine readers you, can help me out of it.

And now for the warning...

I have been making cupcakes... Lots of them so as soon as I get a night to chill and upload photos you will be bombarded. Bombarded with lots of pictures that will make you dribble on your keyboard*.

You have been warned.

Peace & Much Love! xxx

(ps. I appreciate all the comments left here and there in my absence...)

*Bitsy's Cupcakery cannot be held responsible for broken and sticky keyboards due to the sheer prettiness of her cupcakes.