Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Cupcake Update 3...

One Friday we went to Goals Football Centre (where the boy plays his 5 a side Sunday football...) because they were having an awards evening and the boys were due some medals for being the funnest team at Goals. hahah.

Picto decided, as manager of the Beardfaces, that they should do their own award for the best referee, so he decided to commission me to make some cupcakes for the team and then a slightly bigger one for the award for the ref... who is really sweet, if not a little pervy, actually.

He wanted blue and yellow cupcakes and then the main cupcake to have the Beardfaces team badge on it... I thought "no sweat".

Well after about 2 hours of trying to get the bastard badge right it came out quite well. (hardest bloody badge to pipe in the history of man!)

It took AGES. Right... Did it... Thought... Hmmm that's fine and then stupidly dropped the scissors and smeared and squashed bit of it! (What was I thinking?!?!?!)

Using cocktails sticks and a steady hand cleaned it up and re piped bits... put it in the fridge... (it was roasting and it was getting all melty.

Took it out of the fridge to place on cupcake (was piped onto a square of sugar paste) and the sides folded down a bit to shape to the cupcake...
OH LOOK... all the icing I had piped has all cracked.

Cue me storming about the house shouting at things that weren't there and then piping over the cracks,
I am surprised that badge didn't stand 3 foot out from the cake the amount of layers that were on it.

The ref and his daughter shared the cake. His little girl danced at the disco like she was on crack.
That's the sugar baby!

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  1. Holy cow lady! You have been busy! I love your work! I am so inspired!