Sunday, 25 July 2010

Lar's Birthday

It was Lar's birthday on Friday and we took on the town. As you do.

But Also...

I made her some beautiful cupcakes in the style of the wizard of oz... because thats what she likes and I am nice like that.

She was amazed because I had made out that I was a shitty friend and that i had not made her anything or brought her anything and generally was a shit but then we took her to dinner and the waitress brought these out and all was redeemed and everyone in the restaurant sang happy birthday and cheered and it was sweeeeeet.

So yeah. We ate good food. We drank good wine. We had good cupcakes. We applied good bronzer. (thank you Laura Mercier ,you god you) and we danced good and hard.

Thanks for having us Leicester.


  1. I always love seeing pictures of your cupcakes. I'm sure your friend was delighted!

  2. How lovely! You must have had such fun!

  3. Those cupcakes are amazing! I love Dorothy's little shoes sticking up at the edge.

  4. Those are amazing. Now I'm wondering if my friends are sucky or if you're just a really good friend ...

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