Friday, 26 February 2010

Lent update...

... I bought a cake from coffee shop at work to replace chocolate craving.

Result: IT WAS SHIT.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Oh me. Oh my.

I have nothing to do at work. Literally nothing. I sit and wait for someone to update their blog. Or looking for new blogs. Or just staring. Or you know seeing how much water I can drink in an hour. Or going on walks. Or reading magazines or generally just umming and ahhing and making up tunes in my mouth. (most people here probably think I'm a bit mental) BUT. my friend Picto keeps saying draw comics. AND I SHOULD! but... the problem lies with me being lazy and doing nothing is proving able to make me more lazy. People have asked for comics and they have given me titles but I have no inspiration. None. NADA.

That's bad isn't it. Oh boo. I've lost the will to draw little story board comics. I am lame.

But then as I was sat here pondering google images (type in "dogs in costume" it'll make for a fun day) and I thought I know! (LIGHT BULB!) I'm gonna do a series for the blog... everyone else is doing it... I wanna be in with the cool kids... So my series is Thought of the Day Comics not really a series like everyone else has but hey create your own steeze eh.

So at points in the day when I'm either thinking or mid conversation. I get that "oooh feeling" a feeling I get when I think I can draw that!!! Oh the inspiration is backkkk.

Well. Wait til the comics come. First. hahahah. I'm gonna start them next week I reckon. Well. I have started them already but being as I have to give them to picto to scan and email to me until we get to the new house and actually get Internet and I can set up my little scanny thing they will be thoughts of the day just a week too late. Only you wont know that... Because you didn't think that... Oh but you will now. Cuz I just told. Oh. Never mind. Don't hold it against me hahahah.

Cool ass blogs that I like to read that have little series... Go look... You won't regret it. I love seeing what these guys have to say.... Not all of them... But you know... A few...

Love and Happiness
For Real People in Love.
My Teacups in Peony
Here you will find... Love Stories and Feet Around the World.
White Rabbit
This blog is cool as. I like everything but the Photo of the Day makes me laugh.
Bacwoods Fern
This laydee has Two Things I Love Around My Home.
Much Love
Can't go wring with Much Love Monday its sweet.
The Little Things We Do
I like Fill In The Blanks Friday... I'm not technical enough to know how to do it myself...
Sometimes Sweet
Tattoo Tuesday. Some awesome artwork. Puts mine to shame!

Oh and I love love LOVE Droll Girl

To be fair I think all the blogs that are on my reading list are cool. So check them out when you got a sec. They're all so lovely and pretty. Mine is basic and shit. I don't know how you make them all fancy. Someone take a trip to me and teach me!! It took me about 3 months to learn how to "make a link a word" thank you google. I owe you one.

Making more cupcakes tonight. A birthday order and tester cakes for the wedding I am doing in June. SO she can get an idea of what I am going for with the decoration. I'm not massively sure myself. Again for some reason Valentines seems to have sucked dry all my inspiration and enthusiasm and now I'm like errrrr... But I am hoping it comes to me later!

Meeting the boy after work for a quick drink ( he quit drink for lent... and then promptly gave up a week later. These Irish hey... Ah well hes still lenting the takeaway.) then on to the new house with Gablar to sign up! The reference checks are all clear in Joel's own words... "We are all systems go!" Thanks Joel (the nice man the house belongs to) So excited... slightly sad... but still good!

PS. The boy told me he secretly did appreciate the book I made him. *swoooon*

Saturday, 20 February 2010

The rest of the Valentines cakes...

So these are the last little babies that I did for valentines. I am not normally one to blow my own horn but I am uber proud of these little beauts!

Tony asked for some Pingu cakes for his lady Amy. This is what happened...

And then John requested some lovely little farm yard animal cupcakes for Savvo who loves all this naturey and cool. And I absolutely love these. I made the little guys from scratch and I feel in love with them! But not the rabbit. I dont like his face.

Thank you for all the comments you leave! Really appreciate all of it!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 19 February 2010


I always get names wrong.
It makes me a bit mad.

I got your name wrong and I am sorry. I always get confused.

Dont be offended. My Grandpa calls me Carol. (my aunties name...) I must get it from him xxx

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Its snowing. It doesn't look like its lying though.

The boy is coming to tea tonight and we're going to some thing beforehand... Some arty thing. Richard Peel. To be exact

I haven't witnessed him before but the boy really likes him.

Do you have those days when you just feel like shit? My hair looks like shit. My face looks like shit. What I am wearing is shit. Well for your information that day is TODAY.

Today I look akin to a HOBO.

Although... That said... I'm totally excited for the new house. Oh its a beauty!

Do people actually read this? I write so much bobbins. If you do read this. Do comment and say. I don't mind typing to no one... but I did wonder. hahah xxx


Oh lovely lovely lent.

I have quit chocolate and take out. What am I gonna do for fun now?

I'm gonna just get way fat on cake aren't I? Nice.

BUT! I have taken on something this year as the boy said I could always take more on. God knows why but.. I have decided to take more on in the form of making things. You know like comics and other cool things.

Also me and Lar are moving house now in like a week and a half so I am going to cull all the shit I dont need and spend time doing things that have been waiting for time like painting all the jars that are under the sink with glass paint so that we can have them in the garden in the summer with candles in. (They've only been under the sink for 2 years...)

The garden at the new house is preeeettty...

Ps. The boy did not appreciate the thing I made him. I think I will have to set fire to him or something.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Valentines is upon us!!!

These cakes were all orders for lovely people at work. Various cakes... Chocolate Guinness, Chocolate Guinness filled with Nutella, vanilla pink & white marble, vanilla filled with Nutella...
Sticky gooey chocolatey goodness.
Mostly personalised orders with a bit of my creativity chucked in for free!
Stay tuned for more at the weekend which I am doing for my friends orders... Can't spill any beans yet as they sometimes look here and I wouldnt want to ruin any surprises...
"We wasted the good surprise on you..."
I love that quote. I use it all the time. Even when it doesnt make any sense.
Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!

I think I spoke to soon...

You know how I pondered how I wasn't dead yet? Well today I feel as though I'm on my way. Bunged up to the eyeballs.

Up til late with the cupcakes. Hanging out with them... Doing my thing. They look pretty though so thats the important part.

This damned cold. Its doing it to me on purpose. It knows I was excited for the weekend and busy with the cakes and it thought oh yeah I know I'm gonna hit you hard. HA.

Well cheers cold. You suck.

(You've already won by making me personify you, you shit.)

A nice lady called Liz sent me some Camomile, vanilla and honey tea to relax me. So I think I should really drink it. I havent got time to relax at the mo though. But as soon as I do.... I'm on it.

Boy is full of cold too. Shame. I'm glad.

Not my favourite person right now.

I'm in a mood. Can you tell?

Do anticipate cupcake photos at some point. They will be cool! xxx

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Comic... Old... just scanned...

Some random comic I did for the boy ages ago... If you knew Alan... You'd probably understand...

Apologies for the bad words!

Wednesday wonderingsss...

Its Wednesday... I'm off on half day from work to make some bits and bobs for this weekends impending cupcake orders...
I have lots to keep me busy.
I was just thinking (because work is well quiet right now) that its pretty cool that I made so many cakes the original kenwood blew up. I don't think I have EVER used anything so much it broke? Maybe I will have a word with the parents and see whether I did as a child. It's my own fault... I get bored quickly and move on haha.
A mad weekend ahead with partying not just cakes. Its a wonder I haven't died yet. I must be a prime example of burning the candle at both ends. Apparently Thursday, Friday and Saturday night madness... Oh and also what I like to call "Lost Sundays" where we all group together and watch Friday nights Lost that has been Sky Plussed. OH LOST. How I love you.
And James Sawyer. You... You.... You.

(stolen from

Oh and its Valentines. And I made the boy a little thing he will not appreciate in the slightest. Cuz sometimes he is a bit of a shit. Good times. Ha.