Thursday, 11 February 2010

I think I spoke to soon...

You know how I pondered how I wasn't dead yet? Well today I feel as though I'm on my way. Bunged up to the eyeballs.

Up til late with the cupcakes. Hanging out with them... Doing my thing. They look pretty though so thats the important part.

This damned cold. Its doing it to me on purpose. It knows I was excited for the weekend and busy with the cakes and it thought oh yeah I know I'm gonna hit you hard. HA.

Well cheers cold. You suck.

(You've already won by making me personify you, you shit.)

A nice lady called Liz sent me some Camomile, vanilla and honey tea to relax me. So I think I should really drink it. I havent got time to relax at the mo though. But as soon as I do.... I'm on it.

Boy is full of cold too. Shame. I'm glad.

Not my favourite person right now.

I'm in a mood. Can you tell?

Do anticipate cupcake photos at some point. They will be cool! xxx


  1. hope you are feeling all better soon.

    i am in a mood too. half way between kicking ass and bursting into tears. grrrrrrrrrrrr.

  2. Me too. I had better win the lottery this week!