Saturday, 20 February 2010

The rest of the Valentines cakes...

So these are the last little babies that I did for valentines. I am not normally one to blow my own horn but I am uber proud of these little beauts!

Tony asked for some Pingu cakes for his lady Amy. This is what happened...

And then John requested some lovely little farm yard animal cupcakes for Savvo who loves all this naturey and cool. And I absolutely love these. I made the little guys from scratch and I feel in love with them! But not the rabbit. I dont like his face.

Thank you for all the comments you leave! Really appreciate all of it!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. SO ADORABLE!!! i am in the foulest mood, and these are either going to make me laugh or cry! love them! WELL DONE!!!

  2. they look so adorable & delicious! I love Pingu :D I remember watching him every afternoon when I was little

  3. these are ridiculously cute!!! i need to make panda ones for wednesday, help!!!