Thursday, 11 February 2010

Valentines is upon us!!!

These cakes were all orders for lovely people at work. Various cakes... Chocolate Guinness, Chocolate Guinness filled with Nutella, vanilla pink & white marble, vanilla filled with Nutella...
Sticky gooey chocolatey goodness.
Mostly personalised orders with a bit of my creativity chucked in for free!
Stay tuned for more at the weekend which I am doing for my friends orders... Can't spill any beans yet as they sometimes look here and I wouldnt want to ruin any surprises...
"We wasted the good surprise on you..."
I love that quote. I use it all the time. Even when it doesnt make any sense.
Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!


  1. You are SO talented!!!

  2. The cupcakes are AMAZING! I love the spongebob ones hehe!! x