Thursday, 30 September 2010

I've been robbed...

By a little old lady on a motorised cart....
- Dumb & Dumber....

But no. My house was actually robbed. and amongst other things my laptop was thieved.

So posting is hard. and few and far between.


How rubbish xx

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Selling at the Soundhouse

Haha. You can't go far wrong with a well made poster and a 14+ gig!

Cupcake Sale...

Beanstalk Nursery Open Day....

Look how pretty they are!

The kids loved it...

The nursery workers... not so much.

Picture this...

Kids cracked up on sugar bouncing on a bouncy castle. Faces all painted all psychadelic.
Screaming and shouting for all their lives are worth.


.Best Conversation of the Day.

Little girl: Are those real cakes?
Me: Yep.
Little Girl: (eyes wide like saucers) WOW.

Going to the Chapel.........

Another lovely and decent man... Off the market.

But married to a stunning lucky lady non the less.

Ginger Dave.

The One. The Only.

(just like Chesney Hawkes said)

xxx congratulation to the newly weds xxx

30th Birthday Cupcakes

My absolute darling Irish boy Chris... the other Irish boy... wanted some cupcakes for his friend Beccy's birthday. He'd been a general boy and rubbish at communication and hadnt seen her in a while so wanted to make it up and what better way...

3 white choc & raspberry

3 vanilla stuffed with nutella


Out and About Selling Cupcakes.........

Please excuse the decidedly dodgy iPhone pictures... the lights were low....

The Booze Fusion Festival, The Vic Bikers Pub, Coalville

Big bikers love the cake!

Fabulous Dress of Dreams....

So you wanted a picture....

...That's all you're gettin'!

Friday, 17 September 2010


I bought a dress ages ago... even stretching to a year ago maybe... and it was too small. But it was so pretty I thought... "No way is that going back!" So I kept it.

Well today is a good day.

Because... today it fits. If anything... Its kinda loose.


Thursday, 16 September 2010

Day 28...

Day 28- a picture of you from last year and now, how have you changed since then?

Last year... Having it at Fubar... 80's styleee

This year... Drunk... Sodden... Summer Sundae Festival... Hugging boys

I wouldnt say I have changed much.

Except I think my hair is slightly better at the moment.
I had it cut shortly after that foray into the 80s.

I am still acting like a child. And I love it.

I'm still working where I worked.

I make more cupcakes though...

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Day 27...

Day 27... Why Are You Doing This 30 Day Thing.

I am doing this because.... Its something to write about ain't it.

I was losing the will to live blog wise. And I didn't know what to put - no offence - so when I saw this I thought well may as well. Now. I don't know if anyone actually even frickin looks at it as it may be as boring as watching paint dry but hey, I'm making the effort aren't I.

Thought you could learn some more about me. And I could learn some more about people who are doing it. Haven't even had chance to look though yet. So that makes me the wanker.

But I will.

I thought I may be able to get rid of some of my stress/ anger/ upset whatever there is inside this silly brain of mine.

Who know.....

Lynsey Quincifer Wilkins!!!

Are you reading this?!?! I got your FB message but I only clocked it on my ipod phone as I was leaving the house in a rush and then I forgot and I am trying to get it at work but my phone is a complete pile of dog shit so will not connect to the Internet unless there's a wireless connection I can connect to. So I will look later on and reply!

I will now know if anyone reads this...

Your iPhone says it has free Internet right? Well mine does anyhow... but for some reason it now will no longer connect. Am I supposed to ring Orange? And tell them? Am I being robbed?


Day 26....

Day 26.... What Do You Think Of Your Friends...

I. Think. My. Friends. Are. Wonderful.

Enough said.

In fact. Not enough said....

I would like to say that...

I would be quite happy to be snowed into a place for a year if all my friends were there and we ha d a nice supply of food and drink. I can safely say that I would be happy with them without the food and the drink etc but to be fair I don't want to have to sit there and pull straws as to who is gonna eat who first.

Day 25...

Day 25... What Would You Find In My Bag...

Welll.... You're lucky today as my bag is always full of shit. But only the other day did I get so embarrassed of everything flying across the room, like tampons, bits of old tissue, old receipts, hairbands, nail varnishes, manky bits of old eye pencils, coins... you know the gumph... when I tried to find my purse that I actually had a wee tidy up and removed most things I didn't need.

I have about 100 handbags and I swap and change all the time so you can most likely guarantee that;
a. If I have lost something I will no doubt find it somewhere in one of 100 handbags.
b. If I counted all the loose change from my 100 handbags I would have about £10.
and c. I'm the girl to go to for that all important emergency tampon.

But like I say today... You're OK.

This is all you're getting...

Business Cards.

Roll of Sellotape.

Credit Card Bill.

iPhone .

Extra slim filter tips.


Pot o' Carmex .

Rimmel base coat.

Red rimmel nail varnish.

Benefit lip gloss.

Staedtler fine liner pen.

Car & house keys.

Bar keys.




Nail file.

Debit card.

Staff discount card.

Work swipe card.


Bit of tissue.

Hand cream.

Oh that's quite a lot.

Think its better than the other day when there was all of the above... plus a net book. diary. speakers for said net book. pritt stick. variety of coloured paper. small dog. my grandma. That kind of thing.

Day 24...

Day 24... A Letter To Your Parents...

Yo Martin. Yo Sue.

I would like to say that as much as I was an asshole when I was growing up... (You know...I think it was around the year 7/8/9 era of school...When basically I didnt want to do much except hang out with my mates and be a dick. And you were a bit strict and in return I was more of an asshole) ... that basically thanks to you... I'm not really that much of an asshole as an adult...

I would like to apologise for...
The time I skived off school... (I think in year 10...) to go with my mates to Tim Chins house and we drank all his mums bacardi neat and then I went back to school to have band practice and I was blatantly drunk and Burt threw up in a bush... when they called you to fetch me because they thought I was on some kind of crack or something (oh just to put you straight... I was not... and I thought Mr Morgan was an a.hole for even making you think that maybe I was).

The time I got stoned with Joe before Christmas dinner and then dropped the wine bottle on my plate and smashed it. Then ate all the Quality Street....

The time I drove into that parked car in the car park at work because I was late and in a rush, and quite blatantly was retarded at parking, and you had to pay for the damage...

For all the instances where as I child it was as if i could puke on demand in all the most inconvenient of places... Entrance to supermarket, entrance to tent on camping holiday, on people, on stairs in our house, in my own bed....

The time I drank the whole bottle of Calpol... (Lets face facts... you'd do it too. Even now. It just tastes. that. good.)

The time I tried to jump from the upstairs window with an umbrella to see if I floated like Mary Poppins...

Yeah I apologise for all that. But funnily enough. We're pretty cool now. I love you, other people love you and my friends love you. Because you really are... just. that. cool.

You have got a trendy bar in this shit hole town and now you have a super cool music venue too.

Mum, the boy loves you more than he loves me. Dad, the boy loves you more than he loves me.

Haaha. And do you know what... I dont even mind. Because thats cool.

I apologise for when I am a grump. Thats mainly to you Sue, because I am the same as Dad so you have to put up with two of us.

I would like to thank you for having me. And being the coolest parents I know. And also for having Joe. Because to be quite fair to you. I think we are the coolest family I know.

Thanks. Yeah.
Cheers Now!

Ps. Thanks for making me like the music I like today.

Bruce Springsteen. Neil Young. Tina Turner. Fairground Attraction. Guns n Roses. Janis Joplin.

Variety is the spice of life.

Day 23....

Day 23 - Something You Crave...

Yeah. Chocolate. Every. Day. Love. It.
I'm like bloody Augustus Gloop.
"Save some room for later, Augustus"

Ohhhhhh. I am on health. No chocolate. No. No. No.

I really am pretty lame at keeping up aren't I...

Day 22... (late)... What makes you different to everybody else?

I was actually going to do this on the date it was due and I was sat at my laptop at the boy's house whilst he played on his PS3...

I actually said to him... what do you think makes me different to everybody else... and he just sat there and said he couldn't think of anything. So I thought "oh".

Is it wrong to be disappointed (if not a little upset) by that??

I tried to think myself though and I didn't know either. I have always thought I was but I can't tell you why? I suppose if there is someone else out there that goes hyper after dinner on a Sunday... please let me know... once I just lay on the kitchen floor laughing like an idiot. Once I had been out for lunch with the girls and I was lying in the back of the car on the way home with my legs out of the window... yelling at passing cars and pedestrians... that kind of thing.

I also sometimes go a bit mad at home... you know like forward rolls from my bedroom to the bathroom. Mad dancing. Silly voices. That kind of thing.

Maybe I have lost all that? I want to be silly and fun still? Maybe he thinks I am boring.

Maybe I am....

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

In the Night Garden...

Day 21....

Day 21- a picture of something that makes you happy...

♥ I Love Love Love These ♥

(Oh incase you cant tell theyre fireworks and they are the best things in the world. I fricking love the winter.)

Bring. It. On.

♥ So many memories... ♥

Day 20.

Day 20- Someone you see yourself marrying or being with in the future...

Well. The boy. That's all I have to say.

Oh except for... That's not gonna happen.

Oh really. How enlightened are you really... on a scale of 1 to 10. ha.


Monday, 6 September 2010

Day 19...

Nicknames you have and why.....

My name is Charlotte. I am mostly called Char... This is because it is short for it and people are lazy but i like it!

Also... some people call me Bitsy... Mostly people that don't know me but only know me through Facebook where it is my name. So I suppose you cant blame them really.

But that's all. Uninteresting... Bring on tomorrows prompt!

Cheers Beers. xxx

Sunday, 5 September 2010

So here's a big one....

Day 10 - songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad

This one was quite difficult I think... As I listen to all sorts... Ok. Lets think...

Happy - Transylvania - Mcfly... Anything by Mcfly! I love them. Actually LOVE THEM.

Sad - Looking back on Today - The Ataris. Why is it that when you feel sad you just listen to stuff that makes you feel a wee bit sadder? A form of self harm? Who knows. This one is pretty and the lyrics are lovely and it just makes me cry harder. Nice one.

Bored - Skid Row (downtown) - Little Shop Of Horrors Soundtrack. I could listen to anything when I am bored... And being as I like singing I will listen to anything to sing along to. Musicals kick ass!

Hyped - Lo Fi Fnk - City. This song just gives me so much energy and I could just dance around all day... The whole album in fact is awesome. Check them out!

Mad - Siberian Kiss - Glassjaw. Actually the whole "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence" album. Its so heavy and lyrical and awesome and amazing. And you can scream it.

Day 11 - Another picture of you and your friends

Day 12 - How you found out about blogger and why you have one

Jeeeezzz. I dont even remember it was over a year ago I think now... I remember thinking I wanted to put my cake pictures somewhere and write down bits and bobs and I think I googled blog and this came up. I remember being very proud of myself for having an "area" of the internet that was all mine and it was all nice and special. I remember the feeling and I remember the feelings I had about other things at the time and I remember the house and the smells and all that.
How weird. I havent even thought about that. In fact when I read through the old posts I feel sad as things have changed so much since then and some not for the better I dont think. I dont know. I dont like to read the old posts. Nostalgia huh. Sometimes such a bastard.

Day 13 - A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

Dear Mike,

I know its not your intentions and maybe its mostly me too I dont know. But I am hurting and all I want is for you to make it better. I feel like i have lost you. I have lost the friend I fell in love with. I have lost the guy I care about so much. It seems like yesterday that we hung out all the time sharing laughs and secrets and now a days I feel like a distant memory to you. Thats just around.

I know things have gotten complicated between us and I know it has always been me that has felt more than I should for you. But you have always known that and yet we still got carried away. Maybe I should have been strong enough to say no... but even to this day I cant resist. How could I? End of the day... the way I feel about you and then I get to be so close to you and feel like its just me and you against the world.... Feel wanted... Feel loved.... Even if it is just for the night.

It makes me a glutton for punishment I know. And I guess all in all it is MY fault. I really really should say no. But thats not the issue. The issue is the feeling of you distancing yourself from me and pushing me away.

Being mean to me to make me not want to be around you. Thing is little do you know the more you try to push me away the more I want to fight back.

I just want my friend back. I want the old times. I know things change. But I dont want it to. I want to look for christmas trees with you and I want to cuddle up to you when we watch fireworks. I adore winter with you more than you could ever know and just writing this brings tears to my eyes as I am not sure it will ever be the same.

Thing is I dont understand why. Its ridiculous. I am embarrassed for being so blind and writing it down I can totally see how stupid it sounds... You just want to turn around and say "No Char thats not what I want. Ever." Whereas I cant see it. I just cant see it. I basically see the friends we are/were and the other stuff that goes on and I dont see why we cant put it together and be happy.

That is all.

Please dont push me away. Just talk to me.
All my love xxx

Day 14- A picture of you and your family

Gran, Me, Auntie Helen, Cousin Thomas, Cousin Grace, Daddy, Brother Joel & Mom.

Day 15- Put you ipod on shuffle: first 10 songs that play

Listen - Beyonce
The River - Bruce Springsteen
You dont have to say you love me - Dusty Springfield
Summer Rain - Belinda Carlisle
I slept with someone in Fall Out Boy and all I got was this stupid song written about me - Fall Out Boy
I dont care - Shakespeares Sister
I see You, You see me - The Magic Numbers
Screamager - Therapy?
Raintown - Deacon Blue
Objects in the rearview Mirror - Meatloaf

Day 16- Another picture of yourself

Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

i always wanted to swap lives with Brigitte Marquardt from Girls of the Playboy Mansion. Just because she was soooo lovely and so pretty and so nice and lived in the Playboy Mansion!!! I always got the impression that anyone that would live in the Playboy Mansion would be a complete whore and not ever someone I could imagine swapping lives with but I think they did pretty good when they aired that programme as it did show a real side to such a glamourous lifestyle. And I am sure that anyone that watched it would know that Bridge is so sweet and you almost automatically fall in love with her. So her.

Or Frankie Sandford from the Saturdays... why? because a. shes double hot and b. goes out with Dougie from Mcfly and I would totally like to be in his bed.

Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have

Right now... nothing. I have no inspiration. sorry. I know thats not what you are supposed to say.

The other day I nearly crashed the car. Head on collision at 70mph. And all I could think was I couldnt kill Kam... She had only just come back from travelling. didnt think anything about me. So dont expect any goals/dreams/plans.