Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Day 25...

Day 25... What Would You Find In My Bag...

Welll.... You're lucky today as my bag is always full of shit. But only the other day did I get so embarrassed of everything flying across the room, like tampons, bits of old tissue, old receipts, hairbands, nail varnishes, manky bits of old eye pencils, coins... you know the gumph... when I tried to find my purse that I actually had a wee tidy up and removed most things I didn't need.

I have about 100 handbags and I swap and change all the time so you can most likely guarantee that;
a. If I have lost something I will no doubt find it somewhere in one of 100 handbags.
b. If I counted all the loose change from my 100 handbags I would have about £10.
and c. I'm the girl to go to for that all important emergency tampon.

But like I say today... You're OK.

This is all you're getting...

Business Cards.

Roll of Sellotape.

Credit Card Bill.

iPhone .

Extra slim filter tips.


Pot o' Carmex .

Rimmel base coat.

Red rimmel nail varnish.

Benefit lip gloss.

Staedtler fine liner pen.

Car & house keys.

Bar keys.




Nail file.

Debit card.

Staff discount card.

Work swipe card.


Bit of tissue.

Hand cream.

Oh that's quite a lot.

Think its better than the other day when there was all of the above... plus a net book. diary. speakers for said net book. pritt stick. variety of coloured paper. small dog. my grandma. That kind of thing.

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