Tuesday, 14 September 2010

I really am pretty lame at keeping up aren't I...

Day 22... (late)... What makes you different to everybody else?

I was actually going to do this on the date it was due and I was sat at my laptop at the boy's house whilst he played on his PS3...

I actually said to him... what do you think makes me different to everybody else... and he just sat there and said he couldn't think of anything. So I thought "oh".

Is it wrong to be disappointed (if not a little upset) by that??

I tried to think myself though and I didn't know either. I have always thought I was but I can't tell you why? I suppose if there is someone else out there that goes hyper after dinner on a Sunday... please let me know... once I just lay on the kitchen floor laughing like an idiot. Once I had been out for lunch with the girls and I was lying in the back of the car on the way home with my legs out of the window... yelling at passing cars and pedestrians... that kind of thing.

I also sometimes go a bit mad at home... you know like forward rolls from my bedroom to the bathroom. Mad dancing. Silly voices. That kind of thing.

Maybe I have lost all that? I want to be silly and fun still? Maybe he thinks I am boring.

Maybe I am....

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