Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Day 27...

Day 27... Why Are You Doing This 30 Day Thing.

I am doing this because.... Its something to write about ain't it.

I was losing the will to live blog wise. And I didn't know what to put - no offence - so when I saw this I thought well may as well. Now. I don't know if anyone actually even frickin looks at it as it may be as boring as watching paint dry but hey, I'm making the effort aren't I.

Thought you could learn some more about me. And I could learn some more about people who are doing it. Haven't even had chance to look though yet. So that makes me the wanker.

But I will.

I thought I may be able to get rid of some of my stress/ anger/ upset whatever there is inside this silly brain of mine.

Who know.....

Lynsey Quincifer Wilkins!!!

Are you reading this?!?! I got your FB message but I only clocked it on my ipod phone as I was leaving the house in a rush and then I forgot and I am trying to get it at work but my phone is a complete pile of dog shit so will not connect to the Internet unless there's a wireless connection I can connect to. So I will look later on and reply!

I will now know if anyone reads this...

Your iPhone says it has free Internet right? Well mine does anyhow... but for some reason it now will no longer connect. Am I supposed to ring Orange? And tell them? Am I being robbed?


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  1. I read all your thirty days of me and I love your cupcake pictures :). I looked back at quite a number of them. I hope your having a good day!