Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Two Things I Love Around My Home...

Welcome to my first post from the comfort of my own home... Now that the internet has been installed! Woo and how apt that I take part in "2 Things I Love Around My Home" which I have tried to link to this lovely lady Kassi. Who may I add is being awesome and trying to make my thick butt understand how to link up and what what. Cheeeeeers! So.... the point....

Two Things I Love Around My Home...

We have only just moved house so these are a couple of pictures we took before a night out last weekend. Excuse the terrible photos! I don't have any pictures of all the lovely things I love in my house except these two but it just so happens that I love these two bits of my home. So its fine.

Numero ONE:

This is the fireplace in our lounge. Its so cute. Its like a big hole in the wall. But theres a light in there and theres even a plug under the bottom of it which you can just slide out so you can plug anything in! Our landlord does cool little things like that. We've filled it with some cute vases and some lovely fresh flowers.

Oh yeah...that's me.

Numero Two:

This is another side of our lounge. Which is probz the best bit. See you get it all. You get the sexy staircase. You get the sexy lime green chest of drawers. You get Lars sexy flat tv. AND. Above all... You get the sexy fairy lit bead curtain. Which was there when we moved in. When we looked around the house it was up and on and we said whether that was staying. He said he wasnt going to leave it, but if it was a deal breaker he could leave it.

Yes. Joel. It is a deal breaker.

Hence still there.

Oh yeah...That's Laura

Well there you have it. Ooooh. I hope the link works? I don't know what happens if it does. I just know that I felt left out and wanted to join in. HA.

♥ Thanks Kassi ♥

Easter (and puppies!!) Whoop!

My word. I am so looking forward to Easter. More than I have ever looked forward to anything. EVER. I get to eat chocolate. I get to eat take out. I get to do some other things that have been banned (kind of ha ha) over lent. Ah ha lent. In your face. I am so glad you will be going. But. I know that this year I have done so so so well. And I am very proud of myself.

I would like to say a big shout out to everyone else I know that has been uber good over lent. I dont know about you bloggers... but in my normal everyday life. That would just be Me and Zoe.

The boy does not count. He's rubbish at lent. But I am glad because otherwise I wouldnt have as much fun. hahaha.

Here's to eating everything chocolate til I pass out.*

*NB. I don't condone eating dogs. Even if they are chocolate in colour. I ♥ Dogs.

To prove I ♥ Dogs... The top 5 best best best dogs..... (Oh dear am I really scraping the barrel for the things to blog about?!?!!?)

Bull dog. Oh yes. Fat Face.

St Bernard. Roll over Beethoven. You ain't no friend of mine...But I wish you were....

Bertie Bassett. Why you look so glum chum?

Newfoundland. Like a big bear. Genius.

Saved the best for last... Old English Sheepdog. My familys dog of choice. I will find some old photos of my actual dogs. Nowt better than blowdrying your dogs hair.

Come to think about it... Blowdrying my hair makes me look like an Old English Sheepdog.

You know what they say.....

And just for good measure... to make everyones day... because everyone loves a puppy(and if you dont you are dead inside)... The top 5 best best bestest dogs... in puppy form!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday. I kind of am. xx

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


...Can you please take me to Beyond Retro when I am in London Town next cuz I want a brightly coloured petticoat. I don't know where the F it is. But you are like the London Cabbie I never 'ad.

(So you'll know... ain't it.)

Loves xxx

My List of Loves....

I was looking at this blog... The Rockstar Diaries and there is a series called "Here's to Happiness" which is where people state the ten things which make them terribly happy. Well being as I have been on a little high of late and am feeling rather nice I thought I would email my ten things that made me terribly happy to this chick. But... As I got started I found I couldn't stop... Which is nice? Hahaha. So I thought sod it. I will write all the things I could think of on here. Sorry if you are bored. But its nice isn't it. Maybe I will inspire you to make lists of things that you love. I for one would like to see them... xxxx
  1. Receiving hand written mail.
  2. Making something I am really proud of.
  3. The smell of cut grass
  4. Watching the "Fat Channel" with Lar.
  5. Dancing like an idiot and laughing out loud when I am by myself.

  6. Starbucks Mocha Light Frappucino.
  7. Lying down and looking into his eyes.
  8. Snowfights. Snowmen. Snow Angels.
  9. Laughing so hard until your mouth is wide open but no sound is coming out and your eyes are streaming.
  10. Sunny road trips.

  11. Happy memories.
  12. Late night non stop talking with him.
  13. Warm, fat rain on your skin when you've got no place good to be and it doesn't matter what your hair looks like.
  14. My friend Zod's ridiculous quotes: " Is Barry short for Bareth?" " I don't like horses. They remind me of dinosaurs."
  15. Open fires.

  16. Water fights on a hot day.
  17. Sleeping in.
  18. How I feel after Bikram Yoga.
  19. Fresh bedding, new PJ's after a nice bath.
  20. Paddling in the sea.

  21. Baking cupcakes.
  22. When a song you l-l-love but have forgotten about pops up on the radio.
  23. Sunny driving. Music on full blast. Singing LOUD.
  24. Fireworks.
  25. Lunch with the girls.
  26. The sound of an ice cream van...first signs of summer!
  27. The smell of him when he comes out of the shower. "Holiday Showers".
  28. Brightly Coloured petticoats.

  29. Getting things for him that I know he will like and leaving them in his recycling bin on my way to work for him to find when he leaves out.
  30. Barbecues that run late into balmy summer nights.
  31. Picnics.
  32. Lounge picnics.
  33. Talking to Jo on the telephone and rambling and thinking I am funny. Even though I am not but because I talk so much shit she laughs anyway and this makes me happy. Hahah.
  34. Watching LOST and eating pizza.


Dulverton Palace

Remember how I have moved house and blah blah blah.

Well. When we moved, like you do when you're a nice law abiding citizen etc, we cleaned the old house top to toe to make sure we didn't get rinsed by the Estate agent and lose our deposits etc.

Now. There is no love lost between me and my housemates and the shits that are Kingswood. (in case you are thinking of renting through them... I wouldn't bother...) They are a bunch of useless fecks that have never once helped us with anything.

You know ringing them to say the toilet is leaking. No one ever came to fix it.

Hello Kingswood... the shower only runs just off cold. Its the coldest winter Britain has seen in time. Can you help? No one ever helped. About 16 calls later they send a man. Yeah I cant believe you have been showering in that. That's a disgrace. It must be your boiler. I will talk to your agents and get them to send a boiler man.

Never. To. Be. Seen.

Kept calling. In the end just gave up and thought fuck it. And moved out.

So imagine my dismay when yesterday, in quite a chipper giggly mood despite having not even 3 hours sleep I receive this on email from my housemate who has scanned it in so I could see it knowing fore well I would hit the roof....

Such C****. (Sorry. But to be fair sometimes that word is called for.)

Obviously you readers don't know the ins and outs of our inventory or the state of the house or really what we're like but I would just like to say.... in case you are bothered....

I never once slept on that mattress in my room. The front room. I brought my own.
The marks on the top of the fireplace and stuff are all on the inventory.
We cleaned the floors and skirting when we left. WITH MOPS. Let alone just swept.
The tiles were all loose when we moved in. Old fashioned tiled hallway. On inventory.
We have a letter from them saying its OK to replace the green sofas as long as we leave the new ones(red ones) the old ones were disgusting.
The dining table the landlords sister came and took. The chairs that were around it were in the kitchen. The one he said was left outside was already out there.
There's no rubbish under the stairs. Whatever is in there is what was already there.
The bulbs in the kitchen weren't all working in the first place. I remember asking my dad to put new ones in because they were so high up and he said it'd be cheaper to not bother. Cuz they're halogen down lighter things and I think there were about 20.
The mark on the ceiling in my room is from when it rained loads and the roof leaked so I rang them and they sent their man around. and he sprayed this stuff on it and he it looked a bit er...grey? and he said he could re paint the whole room but that would be a pain and asked if I was bothered that there was a mark and I said no. So he said he would just leave it.
Why would we cover an air vent? There should be no scuffs really and definitely no blu tack marks because no one was in that room!?It was spare.
Cobwebs? You get done for cobwebs these days!?!!
The bathroom the floor is wood painted white and we have been there for 2 years and it started to peel where you got out the bath. It was also worn around the loo where the loo was leaking and I had rang and rang for them to fix and they didn't so Dad put sealant round it and it didn't work.
Obviously cleaned all the bathroom before leaving.
No rubbish in the front garden!?? back garden a bit weedy but you know.
Zod cleaned out both fridges washed insides and took out all shelves and stuff and washed. Washed the drawers in the freezer.
I even cleaned all the extractor thing (which wasn't cleaned when we moved in) so they can swivel if they say the kitchen wasn't cleaned.

Oh my. Its made me so mad. Why do estate agents always try to rob you when it comes to your deposit. Is this how they make their money on rentals because in my experience it bloody well seems so. Like Lar said really, if you think about it, you may as well not bother with cleaning or removing shit you don't want when you leave the property because they always do this. I know its money and we need it because we are in no way minted but for the hassle you go through to make sure everything is in order like they ask you.

Bring it on Kingswood. I'm ready for a fight.


Yeah so Sunday night I spent my time being a late night geek and watching Wrestlemania 26 til about 4am. I'm hardcore. Yeah you heard it. Hardcore.

Well I didnt feel hardcore yesterday. I felt like shit on someones shoe. I was up again at 7am for work. So much for being hard. Bed by 10pm. Yeh. Although I did go cardio kick boxing (and pretending I was kicking the shit out of my estate agents... I will save that for another post. Oh yeah).

Did anyone actually used to get scared by the Undertaker when they were younger because I did. And Paul Bearer. Feck me. I used to hide when those two came out.
To be honest I am not hardcore at all because I fell asleep on the boy during the girls fight and woke up near enough for the big fight. But then EVERYONE knows the girls fights are shit. They are like a bunch of drag queens running around screeching.

Tonight Picto, The Boy and I are going to see Dave Gorman. If you don't know Dave Gorman go look him up... here He's cool. He's funny.

Then The Boy is coming over to watch the Man U v Bayern Munich match which we're recording. He got mardy that he was gonna miss the game. I thought he was gonna pull out of Gorman. I would have only not been pissed by this if he had actually got tickets for the Allianz Arena in his hand that he had brought moons ago before he even knew about Gorman. But alas he was delighted to tape it and watch it in HD round mine. I say delighted. I mean ok with it. In a way. If he has to.

I am going to a christening on Easter Sunday. I am soon to be a Fairy Godmother. Jeeeeez. Me? Of all people? Oh dear. My lovely friend Jemma thinks this is an awesome idea. She has told me I have to renounce the Devil for the sake of the child. I joked and said that it would not be possible for me to do this as he already has taken hold and I.just.can'*

She didnt seem to be amused by this. I think that was another one of those moments where you aren't supposed to make a joke... ie. don't make a joke about dead people at a funeral. dont make a joke about marriage being akin to a horrible death at a wedding. and, obviously now, dont make a joke about loving the devil when you are about to go to a catholic christening. Especially not to the mother of the child due to be christened that for some reason has decided you would be a good role model. Hahahaha.

I watched this last night
I guess it was sweet, but would anyone like to tell me what the fuck it was supposed to be? It was a nice film and all but I would have been a bit disappointed if I had bought it because it didnt really have anything to it at all. There wasnt much of a plot. It just kinda carried on. Was it just supposed to have an amazing soundtrack? Cuz to be fair I think thats a bit pretentious. If you want to listen to good music just buy a record.

I don't know why I have just ranted about that. It was ok. Just not much point.

OH. And just as a finishing point... I don't know if you know this but I Love. Adore. Worship. Andrew McCarthy.

I do. I really do. I would have married him had he have not aged. I like to keep him in a little corner of my mind in all his 1980's glory. All his St Elmos Fire beautifulness.

Yeah maybe I have mentioned this because after saying I dont know why that Nick & Norah film was even made due its pointlessness I am in love with all the shit films of the 1980s. Even the ones that noone else likes because they really are shit. Like 16 candles.

God bless you John Hughes. You were the man.

And noone talks shit about my man.

*NB. I'm not really in love with the devil.

Friday, 26 March 2010


I said I never wore heels. Today... to work in fact... I wore a pretty dress and heels.

I feel a wee bit like a drag artiste. HA.
Want theeeeeese...
Oh buy them for me? I dare you...

Thursday, 25 March 2010

A little insight into my world.....

I am mega bored and have stolen this from Cupcake Sniper as something to do... thanks doll....

1. Thing you cannot leave the house without?
Phone... Although I should probably say keys... but I always do leave the house without them and that my friends is the problem.

2. Favorite brand of makeup?
Hmmm. I love Urban Decay eyeshadows they are so bright. I love Mac Lipglass. Ummm I like Maybelline waterproof mascara just the regular black one. Oh and to be dramatic I love Christian Dior Diorshow Blackout... But the amount of mascara I use to cover up my albino eyes is phenomenal and this shit is priceeeey. So the Maybelline will do and it looks pretty natural. Although I do get my bonus at work tomorrow so I am gonna try semi permanent eyelash extension things. See whats what. I will report back when I bother...

3. Favorite flower?
I love Tea Roses. And I love Tulips. I love cheap flowers. Like Carnations. I don't know. I like anything fresh. They're pretty.

4. Favorite clothing store?
I think New Look is good at the minute and cheap as chips. I work at Next and get bits and bobs from the staff shop and at the minute they are going much more high fashion and putting out some really good bits and shoes.

5. Favorite perfume ?
I wear Jean Paul Gaultier. This One... and always have. Although to be honest I do like just smelling of soap. I use imperial Leather Japanese Spa shower gel. Its divine. And most of the time costs a quid. Not that that matters cuz feck me I'm frivilous and spend money on ridiculous things but you know its always nice to cut back on things you think really should be given to you for free. I didnt ask to sweat or wash. Same goes for tampons and dental care.

6. Heels or flats?
I love heels. I have many many pairs of them. But I rarely wear them. I love my flats. I love running about. Without worrying about snapping an ankle or falling on my ass in a public place...which is inevitable... I live for trainers too. I'm all about my Vans at the mo and have silly amounts of pairs. In all colours. I love the Adidas originals range too and have my hi-top Jazzy Jeffs (as the boy likes to call them) from New York which are awesome and nike dunks...oh heaven heaven heaven.

7. Do you make good grades?
Do I? Hmmmmmmmmm. I did.... once. In my GCSEs I did quite well and shocked myself a wee bit. You know, A's A*'s. Then I did A-levels. Skived loads. And panicked about exams so i quit 2 months before them. Then I tried to see sense and went and did some more and did the same. Oh my. I have done A levels in General Studies, Environmental Science, Geography, Media Studies, Film Studies, French and Theatre Studies. Theatre is the only one I got a grade in. I went and kicked ass in my practical exam. An A. Thanks. And then didnt bother with the written. I thought oh well. Look what you've done again... Wasted time being a student and then they sent me a little slip through the post saying you have a Grade E Theatre Studies A Level and I thought WOW. Thats amazing. I didnt expect that. Hahahaha.

8. Favorite colors?
I like purple. And I like Green. And I like Blue. And I like Pink. I like a lotttt.

9. Do you drink energy drinks?
I used to manage my parents bar. Lovely Bar of Greatness I had an unhealthy obsession with Red Bull. At least one a day. I love the taste. I can taste it now. Beautiful sugary juice of lushness. I quit it. I had irregular heart beats hahah.

10. Do you drink juice?
Boy always has juice but thats because he's awesome. Apple or Orange... No bits. Although as a treat I really like that crap tropical juice you can get which is clearly not real juice and probably not even tropical but I love it and the fact that it is illuminous orange in colour.

11. Do you like swimming?
I used to love swimming. I did a lot of it. I had crazy tutors in swimming and stuff. Then I just grew bored and I feel a bit the same now. It bores me. I go and I try to think about everything I need to think about but I just feel bored. And I also find that if i don't think about it I can swim well. But then I suddenly think about what I am doing and I get confused and lose it a bit and swim like someone that has no arms or legs to speak of. Much the same with breathing really. I am a bit special....

12. Do you eat fries with a fork?
I eat everything with a fork. I am refined. I don't know why I do. I always have. I eat Pizza with a knife and fork. I eat cupcakes with a fork. The only thing I probably don't is biscuits. It would be ridiculous to try. They'd crumb everywhere...

13. Favorite moisturizer?
DO you know what?! I hate the F. out of moisturiser. I hate it. Well face moisturiser I do. I hate you face moisturiser. I can never get it right. My skin is either as dry as a bone or greasy as a fish. Its shite. BUT. Saying that I love love love this coconut moisturiser from Primark of ALL places. Its £2 for a big tub and I slather it on after a shower and I love the smell of it. It smells more creamy than coconutty but it makes your clothes smell of it and your bed and everything smells CLEEEEEEEAN. go get some. Go. They do other flavours too. The other day I went to buy some and hell I splashed out on some matching body scrub and lip balm... get me... oooooh.

14. Do you want to get married later on in life?
Yes I do. I never did. But I do. Thats what happens when you meet people you don't hate enough that you would marry them. Awwww.

15. Do you get mad easily?
I do. But I am calming myself. I get mad at silly things. I am a bit stressy. But for the sake of the boy and my own sanity I am chilling.

16. Are you into ghost hunting?
I have never seen a ghost but I would fucking love to just to see if theyre true.

17. Any phobias?
Spiders. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. And I appear to get quite panicky at times but I don't know why and its irrational so maybe not a phobia...?

18. Do you bite your nails?
No no no. Grim.

19. Have you ever had a near death experience?
I'm glad to say I have not. But sorry for you readers that I dont have an exciting tale to tell about this. ALTHOUGH once.... I was using hair conditioner to shave my legs and some must have dripped a bit onto the shower where I was standing and I must have moved and I slipped a bit and for a second I thought that I might have died.

20. Do you drink coffee?
Yeah shit loads and dont I know it when I go to the evil that is hot yoga and toxins are coming out of me like steam out of a kettle.
Well. I'm sure you now know I am a bit mental.
Happy reading chums.
Boys parents are coming over from Ireland this weekend. I am quite excited. They're cool.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Is it wrong...

...That I have spent a fair bit of the day writing a letter to Robbie Keane and decorating the envelope? There is a reason for my madness... If I get a response I will say. If I don't I will lock that up in the cupboard of embarrassing things I have done in my time and say nothing.

I'm tired and mardy today. Argument at 3am. Sat on my step and cried so hard I got cramp under my ribs. That's never happened before. Must be the Bikram Yoga ughh.

Cried myself to sleep and felt like crying the moment I woke up. Disgraceful.

This blog is turning into a whole lot of anything. I am sorry. Variety is the spice of life yeah?


Had some of these earlier to make me feel better....

They're ok yeah but NO. They didnt cut it. Feel miserable... STILL.

I think I am the last person actually taking this lent seriously. Yeah thats a dig at the boy. He's rubbish at lent.

All I wanna do is go to wherever THIS man is just sit down and make him make me all his chocolatey recipes and just bask in chocolatey goodness and then die. Of a big fat chocolate induced heart attack.

Oh Bitsssssy. Cheer the FUCK up.

OK. As a method of cheer up-ness....

Check out

Em Cartoons

I love them. They remind me so much of me and Lar....

Hope your Wednesday is going better than mine xx

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Just so you know...

...I'm not dead.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I think...

I have food poisoning.

I ate some ham that I think was funny. (not funny ha ha. funny weird)

I just spoke to Jo and through just talking 'at' her I feel that maybe subconsciously I ate the funny ham knowing it was funny in a dramatic bid for weightloss.

I will be utterly unamused if I just feel ill.


Monday, 15 March 2010

Thought of the day...

Unfortunately there is gonna be a little pause in the delivery of my thoughts of the day to you. Because Pictos scanner is up the creek with no paddle so to speak to I am scanner less. BUTTTTT... Lar does inform me that Virgin are coming to grace us with an internet connection on 26th March? SO I will be able to do it myself! So hold your horses. They will come. That is if I am not too busy to actually draw them at that point. I may well be.

But if that is the case I will let you know and I will resume in my next dead period.

Thanks for the comments when I was down in the dumps the other day it was nice. I am a lot happier now. Who knows how long for but at the mo. I kinda got a wee bit of the good butterflies hanging out with me :) I'm fickle...Don't judge me!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Cupcake Catch Up... Finale...

I did this order for the lovely Anna at work. It was her mothers birthday and wanted a dusky pink/chocolate theme. The photos dont really do them justice to be honest. I have real trouble with the light and the shitty camera phone. But the thought is there.

The cakes were chocolate guinness, her favourite, and then topped with either vanilla or dark chocolate butter icing. Then I made some pretty little roses, hearts & presents out of baby pink fondant and chocolate flavoured fondant.

I also used a pink lustre spray to put a bit of shimmer on the pink ones.

Thanks Anna! You're Awesome! Keep challenging me with your yummy orders!!!

Cupcake Catch Up...Part Deux...

The latest of the cupcake shenanigans... These first two pictures are the cupcakes that were the end result of 'The Great Cupcake Crisis of Thursday Night'... (if you don't recall... go HERE )

First an order for Catherine at work...

She requested 4 cakes (she got 6 due to said crisis! BONUS!) and just requested a couple of different things. 1 being the Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club badge.... Tricky very tricky! There's a fair bit of detail in such a small space!

Heres their website... Go check out the footballers... You know you want to!

Then a little spongebob. I am so critical of him. I don't particularly like him. I think I could do better. Catherine loved him. But i am very critical of my stuff. I guess the whole crisis just stressed me out! So I won't like anything I see!

And then a couple of cute ones for her partners Mother. And the last two I did in the Brighton & Hove Albion colours just to match.

Chocolate Guinness cakes with coloured vanilla butter icing and coloured fondants for hand made decorations.

Thanks for your order Catherine!!!!

The next little cupcakes were for my friend Helen at work... she wanted to give them to her bald boyfriend. It was a little joke she had. So again ordered 4 and got 6. And I did a little bald head on one and piped Baldy on another. Piped Daisy on one for her boyfriends little girl and a bottle of wine one for Helen herself and then two cool glittery black numbers really made the other colours pop!

Chocolate Guinness cakes (God! People can't get enough of that shizz!) with coloured vanilla butter icing and coloured fondants for hand made decs.

Thanks for your order Hels... You know where I am if you want more!!! xx

Cupcake Catch Up!

So I managed to blue tooth pics to Gabs laptop and then save to a memory stick and then stick on my laptop... Oh the effort! I hope you think its worth it!

So whilst doing this I also realised I had forgotton to add some pics from Valentines.

I did these for Laura... She wanted cakes for her very own Valentines breakfast with herself. Unfortunately she didnt get around to collecting them til later on. So I am assuming she had a nice romantic evening in with her cakes.

Chocolate Guinness Cake with pink glittery buttericing. Piped black skull and crossbones & a broken heart.

And these two were for Zoe for her boyfriend. She requested a blue and white colour scheme as he is a Leicester City fan.

Chocolate Guinness Cake with white glittery buttericing and blue fondant hearts.

Please excuse the photo quality. All done on my crappy samsung phone. Which, may I add, appears to be on its last legs.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Drug Abuse...

Hmph. Boo. Hmph. Meh

Do you ever feel like you want something so bad and you will explode if you don't get it. But you can't have it? And it feels like youre on fire inside your tummy and not in a good way. I feel like that now.

I feel horrible. Truely horrible. On edge with bad butterflies. I love good butterflies. I truly hate bad butterflies.

I wonder if it is just me? Do normal people just think... I can't have it so just don't worry about it. I don't know why I don't have that mentality.

I put myself out there yesterday. I got shot down. I feel like I just want to hide under a rock. You should never run away right... but I just want to be anywhere but here.

"...Because there's nothing that I wouldn't do to hold on to you
but you give me nothing to hold on to." -
When All Else Fails, It Fails - The Ataris

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Baking Crisis...

Last night I had a baking crisis due to moving houses and being an uber busy bee... It all went very wrong and there were tears and stress. And the cakes were shitty and it was late late late. So with me in a cake panic at 12am last night the boy took me by the knees while I sat in the bathroom sobbing and told me he was gonna be a hero.

He sorted me out. Helped me bake new cakes and generally did things to make the process a wee bit quicker. He stayed with me til 3am but then had to dander home. I was up til 4am. BUT the cakes were done! And look pretty. I, on the other hand, do not look in any way pretty. I need some of that 8 hour cream all these celebs harp on about.

HELLO ELIZABETH ARDEN? Its me Bitsy, would you do me a flavour and send me a crate of your fab 8 hour cream? Apparently it helps your skin and makes you not look so much like you have had 2 hours sleep instead of the appropriate 8? Well I think I would be a fair candidate for you to re-trial this shizz on because I never sleep and mostly look like I have been punched in the eyes. Elizabeth! ELIZABETH! HELLLLLPPPP MEEEEE! Thanks.

I will post photos of cakes because I have some from ages ago too. I dont know why my photo thing on the computer is buggered. I will have to bluetooth them to Lars laptop (thanks to some advice from lovely fellow bloggers) and then save them to a stick and then put them on my little laptop (cuz I tried I dont think it does the bluetooth thing) and then go to the boys and abuse his internet. Phew. I know how to do things the long way!

Be patient honey bunny xxx

The Way To A Mans Heart Is...

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Enjoying My Sky TV Subscription...


I was in London for work yesterday so I didnt get to blog my daily thought comic...

I was gonna post two again today like last week but i think I will save it instead.

I'm in a moood today. I was in a mood last night. I feel like I've been in a mood for over a week.

I tried to make a couple of cheap ass little bookcases last night. Dont buy argos value book cases. They are shite. You try to screw the nail in and the wood splits so I have two shit book cases in my room. You cant really tell from a distance. But then again you cant really get that much of a distance from them in my little room.

I was trying to talk to the boy because I needed cheering and normally just seeing his lovely face does just that but he was just an a. hole and made me cry. Good one dickhead.

Sick of everything right now. Got cakes to do tonight and a music quiz to attend. Too much to do too little time.

Sorrrrry for the moan. Cheer me!

Monday, 8 March 2010

The Volvic Challenge...

For all the American Readers...

Just got this email at work..... is launching in America and to help with this we are running a children’s model competition for 4-7 year olds who live in the USA.

Do you have friends or relatives* living in the USA who would like to enter this amazing competition? Simply forward this email to them so they can enter!

Britain’s most loved children’s clothing brand is launching in the USA
and we’re looking for bright new modeling talent.

Our competition is open to all USA resident children aged 4 – 7 years and the prize is exceptional!

Your child could WIN $100,000 scholarship


Be the USA face of Britain’s most loved children’s clothing brand


Win a years modeling contract with Wilhelmina Models

Closing date for entries is 15th March 2010

*Terms and conditions apply. The spouse, parent, step-parent, step sibling, child or step-child of any Next employee is NOT eligible to enter.

If anyone is interested just click this link

and it takes you to the Next Direct homepage and you go from there.....

This is the only thing work related I have done in ages. Boreeeeed.

Maybe they will transfer me to the US.

You hear that Next?!?! I'm open to options!

Sunday, 7 March 2010


I cannot get my photos to upload from my phone. The Samsung programme that is installed on this computer is being wanky and will not believe that they havent been uploaded before. WTF!?!? Lies. I took some of them today. I hateeeeee computers.

Friday, 5 March 2010


Well I guess I won't be going to see my two boyfriends perform. Due to all the gigs either being a. sold out. Or b. So ridiculously expensive its a joke.

Normally they would, you know, give me tickets but I told them that you dont make any money giving stuff away for free and thats how we play it.

Oh Bret. Oh Jermaine. Next time. Next time....

National Pig Day...

Obviously I did this when it was actually National Pig Day...

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Birthday Girrrrrl...

Well. Down there in the London Office is the birthday of one of my pals.... She is coming up this way at the weekend so I can give her stuff and things... but being as today is the actual day I have done her a little something so she knows I am not a shit and I do care!

So Happy Birthday Jo you ol' get.

Thats me & you that is...
Much Love, Muffers. xxx

Guilty Pleasures....