Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Easter (and puppies!!) Whoop!

My word. I am so looking forward to Easter. More than I have ever looked forward to anything. EVER. I get to eat chocolate. I get to eat take out. I get to do some other things that have been banned (kind of ha ha) over lent. Ah ha lent. In your face. I am so glad you will be going. But. I know that this year I have done so so so well. And I am very proud of myself.

I would like to say a big shout out to everyone else I know that has been uber good over lent. I dont know about you bloggers... but in my normal everyday life. That would just be Me and Zoe.

The boy does not count. He's rubbish at lent. But I am glad because otherwise I wouldnt have as much fun. hahaha.

Here's to eating everything chocolate til I pass out.*

*NB. I don't condone eating dogs. Even if they are chocolate in colour. I ♥ Dogs.

To prove I ♥ Dogs... The top 5 best best best dogs..... (Oh dear am I really scraping the barrel for the things to blog about?!?!!?)

Bull dog. Oh yes. Fat Face.

St Bernard. Roll over Beethoven. You ain't no friend of mine...But I wish you were....

Bertie Bassett. Why you look so glum chum?

Newfoundland. Like a big bear. Genius.

Saved the best for last... Old English Sheepdog. My familys dog of choice. I will find some old photos of my actual dogs. Nowt better than blowdrying your dogs hair.

Come to think about it... Blowdrying my hair makes me look like an Old English Sheepdog.

You know what they say.....

And just for good measure... to make everyones day... because everyone loves a puppy(and if you dont you are dead inside)... The top 5 best best bestest dogs... in puppy form!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday. I kind of am. xx


  1. i just read your comment on my blog and i would love for you to join in on the two things i love... around my home! all you do is click on the mcklinky under the post and add your name and blog name (url) after you write a post and you'll be all linked up. hope that helps! if you have any questions feel free to email me at :-)

  2. I'm having a lovely Wednesday. Thanks!
    The chocolate picture makes me hungry! yum!
    Have a fun Easter!


  3. omg, the old english sheepdog is soooo cute. i've always wanted a dog, but i don't think i'll have the time to take care of them:D

  4. oh wow! i love st. bernards and newfoundlands.
    my plumber breeds them and we were going to get one, but my mom was allergic to them (N)
    so upset. but they're beautiful dogs

  5. Lent is such an arcane word isn't it?