Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Dulverton Palace

Remember how I have moved house and blah blah blah.

Well. When we moved, like you do when you're a nice law abiding citizen etc, we cleaned the old house top to toe to make sure we didn't get rinsed by the Estate agent and lose our deposits etc.

Now. There is no love lost between me and my housemates and the shits that are Kingswood. (in case you are thinking of renting through them... I wouldn't bother...) They are a bunch of useless fecks that have never once helped us with anything.

You know ringing them to say the toilet is leaking. No one ever came to fix it.

Hello Kingswood... the shower only runs just off cold. Its the coldest winter Britain has seen in time. Can you help? No one ever helped. About 16 calls later they send a man. Yeah I cant believe you have been showering in that. That's a disgrace. It must be your boiler. I will talk to your agents and get them to send a boiler man.

Never. To. Be. Seen.

Kept calling. In the end just gave up and thought fuck it. And moved out.

So imagine my dismay when yesterday, in quite a chipper giggly mood despite having not even 3 hours sleep I receive this on email from my housemate who has scanned it in so I could see it knowing fore well I would hit the roof....

Such C****. (Sorry. But to be fair sometimes that word is called for.)

Obviously you readers don't know the ins and outs of our inventory or the state of the house or really what we're like but I would just like to say.... in case you are bothered....

I never once slept on that mattress in my room. The front room. I brought my own.
The marks on the top of the fireplace and stuff are all on the inventory.
We cleaned the floors and skirting when we left. WITH MOPS. Let alone just swept.
The tiles were all loose when we moved in. Old fashioned tiled hallway. On inventory.
We have a letter from them saying its OK to replace the green sofas as long as we leave the new ones(red ones) the old ones were disgusting.
The dining table the landlords sister came and took. The chairs that were around it were in the kitchen. The one he said was left outside was already out there.
There's no rubbish under the stairs. Whatever is in there is what was already there.
The bulbs in the kitchen weren't all working in the first place. I remember asking my dad to put new ones in because they were so high up and he said it'd be cheaper to not bother. Cuz they're halogen down lighter things and I think there were about 20.
The mark on the ceiling in my room is from when it rained loads and the roof leaked so I rang them and they sent their man around. and he sprayed this stuff on it and he it looked a bit er...grey? and he said he could re paint the whole room but that would be a pain and asked if I was bothered that there was a mark and I said no. So he said he would just leave it.
Why would we cover an air vent? There should be no scuffs really and definitely no blu tack marks because no one was in that room!?It was spare.
Cobwebs? You get done for cobwebs these days!?!!
The bathroom the floor is wood painted white and we have been there for 2 years and it started to peel where you got out the bath. It was also worn around the loo where the loo was leaking and I had rang and rang for them to fix and they didn't so Dad put sealant round it and it didn't work.
Obviously cleaned all the bathroom before leaving.
No rubbish in the front garden!?? back garden a bit weedy but you know.
Zod cleaned out both fridges washed insides and took out all shelves and stuff and washed. Washed the drawers in the freezer.
I even cleaned all the extractor thing (which wasn't cleaned when we moved in) so they can swivel if they say the kitchen wasn't cleaned.

Oh my. Its made me so mad. Why do estate agents always try to rob you when it comes to your deposit. Is this how they make their money on rentals because in my experience it bloody well seems so. Like Lar said really, if you think about it, you may as well not bother with cleaning or removing shit you don't want when you leave the property because they always do this. I know its money and we need it because we are in no way minted but for the hassle you go through to make sure everything is in order like they ask you.

Bring it on Kingswood. I'm ready for a fight.

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  1. I tried to click on the letter but couldn't actually read it, however, I can tell it must have been denying you your deposit. It's not like that here, I've always gotten my deposit back. You should fight them if you can, but it just seems like they will make up anything!