Tuesday, 30 March 2010

My List of Loves....

I was looking at this blog... The Rockstar Diaries and there is a series called "Here's to Happiness" which is where people state the ten things which make them terribly happy. Well being as I have been on a little high of late and am feeling rather nice I thought I would email my ten things that made me terribly happy to this chick. But... As I got started I found I couldn't stop... Which is nice? Hahaha. So I thought sod it. I will write all the things I could think of on here. Sorry if you are bored. But its nice isn't it. Maybe I will inspire you to make lists of things that you love. I for one would like to see them... xxxx
  1. Receiving hand written mail.
  2. Making something I am really proud of.
  3. The smell of cut grass
  4. Watching the "Fat Channel" with Lar.
  5. Dancing like an idiot and laughing out loud when I am by myself.

  6. Starbucks Mocha Light Frappucino.
  7. Lying down and looking into his eyes.
  8. Snowfights. Snowmen. Snow Angels.
  9. Laughing so hard until your mouth is wide open but no sound is coming out and your eyes are streaming.
  10. Sunny road trips.

  11. Happy memories.
  12. Late night non stop talking with him.
  13. Warm, fat rain on your skin when you've got no place good to be and it doesn't matter what your hair looks like.
  14. My friend Zod's ridiculous quotes: " Is Barry short for Bareth?" " I don't like horses. They remind me of dinosaurs."
  15. Open fires.

  16. Water fights on a hot day.
  17. Sleeping in.
  18. How I feel after Bikram Yoga.
  19. Fresh bedding, new PJ's after a nice bath.
  20. Paddling in the sea.

  21. Baking cupcakes.
  22. When a song you l-l-love but have forgotten about pops up on the radio.
  23. Sunny driving. Music on full blast. Singing LOUD.
  24. Fireworks.
  25. Lunch with the girls.
  26. The sound of an ice cream van...first signs of summer!
  27. The smell of him when he comes out of the shower. "Holiday Showers".
  28. Brightly Coloured petticoats.

  29. Getting things for him that I know he will like and leaving them in his recycling bin on my way to work for him to find when he leaves out.
  30. Barbecues that run late into balmy summer nights.
  31. Picnics.
  32. Lounge picnics.
  33. Talking to Jo on the telephone and rambling and thinking I am funny. Even though I am not but because I talk so much shit she laughs anyway and this makes me happy. Hahah.
  34. Watching LOST and eating pizza.



  1. You are mostly funny - I'm not fake-laughing ALL the time xx

  2. number 7 and number 21.

    i love baking cupcakes with my sister too. its her specialty:D

    Will now follow your blog. Follow mine too? :)


  3. You did one of these ages ago too! (my memory is so weirdly selective..)
    I want to do one now... maybe over the weekend! yay!