Sunday, 14 March 2010

Cupcake Catch Up...Part Deux...

The latest of the cupcake shenanigans... These first two pictures are the cupcakes that were the end result of 'The Great Cupcake Crisis of Thursday Night'... (if you don't recall... go HERE )

First an order for Catherine at work...

She requested 4 cakes (she got 6 due to said crisis! BONUS!) and just requested a couple of different things. 1 being the Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club badge.... Tricky very tricky! There's a fair bit of detail in such a small space!

Heres their website... Go check out the footballers... You know you want to!

Then a little spongebob. I am so critical of him. I don't particularly like him. I think I could do better. Catherine loved him. But i am very critical of my stuff. I guess the whole crisis just stressed me out! So I won't like anything I see!

And then a couple of cute ones for her partners Mother. And the last two I did in the Brighton & Hove Albion colours just to match.

Chocolate Guinness cakes with coloured vanilla butter icing and coloured fondants for hand made decorations.

Thanks for your order Catherine!!!!

The next little cupcakes were for my friend Helen at work... she wanted to give them to her bald boyfriend. It was a little joke she had. So again ordered 4 and got 6. And I did a little bald head on one and piped Baldy on another. Piped Daisy on one for her boyfriends little girl and a bottle of wine one for Helen herself and then two cool glittery black numbers really made the other colours pop!

Chocolate Guinness cakes (God! People can't get enough of that shizz!) with coloured vanilla butter icing and coloured fondants for hand made decs.

Thanks for your order Hels... You know where I am if you want more!!! xx

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