Friday, 26 March 2010


I said I never wore heels. Today... to work in fact... I wore a pretty dress and heels.

I feel a wee bit like a drag artiste. HA.
Want theeeeeese...
Oh buy them for me? I dare you...


  1. I always say I'll wear heels into work but it never happens. Im afraid and trip and fall onto the tube lines!

    Good on your for trying it!

  2. I only ever wear heels to go out in..I own 4 pairs (black, silver, red and purple) and they are all still in fab condition because I don't wear them enough and I like them to stay pretty!
    Those Vans are awesome...if I buy them for you will you buy them for me?

    Thank you for the love, i'm chuffed someone is glad i'm back! I did indeed make the things in my shop, i'm so proud of it all! I've made things out-of-shop too, people keep asking me to make things for them after looking at the shop so I will probably put pictures up of them on here to show them off haha.


  3. I wish I could wear heels. I'm 6'1 and my friends are not very tall, so whenever I walk with them, I look like a giant. haha

    Oh my, I love the color of the vans!!!