Sunday, 14 March 2010

Cupcake Catch Up!

So I managed to blue tooth pics to Gabs laptop and then save to a memory stick and then stick on my laptop... Oh the effort! I hope you think its worth it!

So whilst doing this I also realised I had forgotton to add some pics from Valentines.

I did these for Laura... She wanted cakes for her very own Valentines breakfast with herself. Unfortunately she didnt get around to collecting them til later on. So I am assuming she had a nice romantic evening in with her cakes.

Chocolate Guinness Cake with pink glittery buttericing. Piped black skull and crossbones & a broken heart.

And these two were for Zoe for her boyfriend. She requested a blue and white colour scheme as he is a Leicester City fan.

Chocolate Guinness Cake with white glittery buttericing and blue fondant hearts.

Please excuse the photo quality. All done on my crappy samsung phone. Which, may I add, appears to be on its last legs.

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  1. These look fantastic and are totally my style.