Monday, 1 March 2010


Beautiful spring day today. Cold and sunny. My favourite.

Took all our stuff to a car boot yesterday. Was up at 5.30am. Considering I hadnt gone to bed until 3.30am I didnt think I was doing too bad. (I hadnt been drinking...But I was home a lot later than thought...) I looked like some sort of zombie but I was "surprisingly perky" in the words of Zod. We drove all the way to Hinckley at the crack of dawn only to find it wasnt on. Maybe we should have checked before... but armed with a big can of redbull and a bakewell flapjack we set off for Melton Mowbray instead. SO it was about 15 miles to Hinckley and then 32 miles from there to Melton. Silly and the weather was bobbins. BUT we made it and then the vultures got us.

Picture the scene... Little Zod is trying to struggling a big box of books to the table and some bloke is tryin to root through the box... "Ya got aneh records..?" No I dont have any fucking records get your hand out my box before I snap it off.

All in all a successful morning £55 made. Only half the stuff gone. So we plan to do another one outdoors when the weather is better. ONE THING. Someone stole. SOMEONE.STOLE.FROM.A.CHEAP.ASS.CAR.BOOT.SALE.

I got a bag for Christmas. It was a mischa barton bag. and it was nice. a big oversized thing grey and silver. Not my cup of tea and I am getting rid of everything for the new house so I thought yeh that can go... (sorry auntie helen... dont be offended everything I sold was given to me by someone... Zod - "Hey! Isnt that that notecard set I got you for your birthday?" Er......) And there was a big box of my handbags at the front of the table. And as Gab was putting them all in the bag I saw there was a wee bit of parcel tape stuck to the bottom of said bag... I remember thinking oh I will go and get that off, but forgot... Also in the box was a big black bag that had tiny silver skull and crossbones on it... Some young girl said "how much is this" holding up a wee shocking pink sholder bag... 50p love... "hmmm" and she put it down and THEN! I clock her putting the skull bag on her shoulder and walking off. ZOD!!!! GET HER!!! cue Zod chasing the girl..."er excuse havent paid..." "Oh *look of fake confusion* sorry I didnt know" and just handed it back and walked off! LIAR.

And then some other woman held up some butterfly bag... "how much" £1. puts it back (quite busy at this point speaking to other customers.) makes a big song and dance about some soaps and wanting to buy all of them for about 10p. And then she goes. Only to walk back past a little later and have another rummage in the bag box before walking off. As she walks up I think hmmm she has a bag the same as my silver mischa barton bag. How much of a coincidence is that?? Turns to the side a little bit and I clock the parcel tape attached to the bottom. Shes knicked my bag. The thieving bitch!!

Just so you know. She was gone before we had chance to say owt and I truly believe she only walked past to flaunt that fact that she had stolen and got away with it. I now think I dont care that I didnt get to try and strangle her with the bag handle because I have risen above it and think that it must be a sad life to lead when you resort to stealing a £1 bargain handbag from a carboot sale. I hope you accidently set on fire you cheap cow.

It made me really mad and have sort of lost the love for the carboot tradition. If this is what happens now. It didnt when I was a kid and we used to go do it with my Nana.

ANYWAY. Went to Kaffir pub for the best sunday roast around using the money we had earnt and then proceeded to want to die. We were gonna stay in the pub for Carling cup final (come on United!!) but I couldnt stay awake so drove home and dropped Zod and Lar off at another pub so they could watch it. I came home and napped for an hour before proceeding round to the boys house to take them to sunday night football. Boy is in a good mood because United won the Cup (yay!) and then they lost the football to a bunch of divs. Sometimes I stand there is the baltic weather and I promise myself that I am gonna stop coming to watch them lose to even shitter teams. But I am always there come rain or shine.

Wish I had quit going to that rather than quit choc for lent. I'm an idiot.

Came back, signed contract for the house, got the keys, went back to the boys watched old school family fortunes ( I love family fortune sunday...its my favourite), Lost (Oh Lost...Light of my lifeee) and Match of the Day....

Finally to sleep only to feel like I had been asleep for 5 minutes before the alarm went off and the week started again.

I need a REST.

That was sunday.

(Friday and sat went a bit like this;

Friday: got absolutely battered on vodka at Darrans playing Rock band. Boy had to walk me home at 4.45am inanely chattering while I could only think in my head...theres no need to puke...dont you puke...noone likes a puker... and he wonders why I dont pay attention.

Saturday: Ma coloured my roots. They were so bad I looked bald - my hair is red naturally, I colour it dark brown and dont recolour as often as I should therefore owning a lot of headscarves to cover my "baldness". Went to Pictos. Chilled. Went out to pubs. No drinking. Saw friends. Went to a pub I hate but only cuz its the latest opening. Had a giant panic attack. Boy was druuuunk. Walked home. Went to Ma's bar on the way home where boy proceeded to tell Ma and Dad how much he loved them. He loves them more than me. Hahaha. Had a vodka and ginger ale as a night cap went home to bed for 5 minutes sleep. Ta da.)

There you go. You're up to date.

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