Wednesday, 10 March 2010


I was in London for work yesterday so I didnt get to blog my daily thought comic...

I was gonna post two again today like last week but i think I will save it instead.

I'm in a moood today. I was in a mood last night. I feel like I've been in a mood for over a week.

I tried to make a couple of cheap ass little bookcases last night. Dont buy argos value book cases. They are shite. You try to screw the nail in and the wood splits so I have two shit book cases in my room. You cant really tell from a distance. But then again you cant really get that much of a distance from them in my little room.

I was trying to talk to the boy because I needed cheering and normally just seeing his lovely face does just that but he was just an a. hole and made me cry. Good one dickhead.

Sick of everything right now. Got cakes to do tonight and a music quiz to attend. Too much to do too little time.

Sorrrrry for the moan. Cheer me!

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