Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Two Things I Love Around My Home...

Welcome to my first post from the comfort of my own home... Now that the internet has been installed! Woo and how apt that I take part in "2 Things I Love Around My Home" which I have tried to link to this lovely lady Kassi. Who may I add is being awesome and trying to make my thick butt understand how to link up and what what. Cheeeeeers! So.... the point....

Two Things I Love Around My Home...

We have only just moved house so these are a couple of pictures we took before a night out last weekend. Excuse the terrible photos! I don't have any pictures of all the lovely things I love in my house except these two but it just so happens that I love these two bits of my home. So its fine.

Numero ONE:

This is the fireplace in our lounge. Its so cute. Its like a big hole in the wall. But theres a light in there and theres even a plug under the bottom of it which you can just slide out so you can plug anything in! Our landlord does cool little things like that. We've filled it with some cute vases and some lovely fresh flowers.

Oh yeah...that's me.

Numero Two:

This is another side of our lounge. Which is probz the best bit. See you get it all. You get the sexy staircase. You get the sexy lime green chest of drawers. You get Lars sexy flat tv. AND. Above all... You get the sexy fairy lit bead curtain. Which was there when we moved in. When we looked around the house it was up and on and we said whether that was staying. He said he wasnt going to leave it, but if it was a deal breaker he could leave it.

Yes. Joel. It is a deal breaker.

Hence still there.

Oh yeah...That's Laura

Well there you have it. Ooooh. I hope the link works? I don't know what happens if it does. I just know that I felt left out and wanted to join in. HA.

♥ Thanks Kassi ♥


  1. very sexy staircase and fairy lights! magical .

    same with the lime green! i love the setup and you're right, your landlord must be fabulous :)

    i adore kassie's series cos decor says a lot about the girl.

    i like your decor, i like you! :xo

  2. so glad it worked for you! yay!
    thanks for playing along... love the lounge area with the lights and staircase!

  3. sexy indeed! your place is fabulous! i especially love the fireplace turned flower display ;)

  4. I love my face ... - Laura xx

  5. Where the bejesus did he get those fairy light curtains?! *i want*

  6. I dont know! They came with the house. I think basically its a bead curtain and then some long hanging fairy lights mixed in with it. I think really they come separately but our landlord was a dab hand with anything cool and made them one!

  7. Those fairy lights are pretty cool! *love it!*