Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Is it wrong...

...That I have spent a fair bit of the day writing a letter to Robbie Keane and decorating the envelope? There is a reason for my madness... If I get a response I will say. If I don't I will lock that up in the cupboard of embarrassing things I have done in my time and say nothing.

I'm tired and mardy today. Argument at 3am. Sat on my step and cried so hard I got cramp under my ribs. That's never happened before. Must be the Bikram Yoga ughh.

Cried myself to sleep and felt like crying the moment I woke up. Disgraceful.

This blog is turning into a whole lot of anything. I am sorry. Variety is the spice of life yeah?


Had some of these earlier to make me feel better....

They're ok yeah but NO. They didnt cut it. Feel miserable... STILL.

I think I am the last person actually taking this lent seriously. Yeah thats a dig at the boy. He's rubbish at lent.

All I wanna do is go to wherever THIS man is just sit down and make him make me all his chocolatey recipes and just bask in chocolatey goodness and then die. Of a big fat chocolate induced heart attack.

Oh Bitsssssy. Cheer the FUCK up.

OK. As a method of cheer up-ness....

Check out

Em Cartoons

I love them. They remind me so much of me and Lar....

Hope your Wednesday is going better than mine xx

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  1. oh girl. i hope you are feeling better soon. monday was a shitter day for me, but today seems better.