Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Yeah so Sunday night I spent my time being a late night geek and watching Wrestlemania 26 til about 4am. I'm hardcore. Yeah you heard it. Hardcore.

Well I didnt feel hardcore yesterday. I felt like shit on someones shoe. I was up again at 7am for work. So much for being hard. Bed by 10pm. Yeh. Although I did go cardio kick boxing (and pretending I was kicking the shit out of my estate agents... I will save that for another post. Oh yeah).

Did anyone actually used to get scared by the Undertaker when they were younger because I did. And Paul Bearer. Feck me. I used to hide when those two came out.
To be honest I am not hardcore at all because I fell asleep on the boy during the girls fight and woke up near enough for the big fight. But then EVERYONE knows the girls fights are shit. They are like a bunch of drag queens running around screeching.

Tonight Picto, The Boy and I are going to see Dave Gorman. If you don't know Dave Gorman go look him up... here He's cool. He's funny.

Then The Boy is coming over to watch the Man U v Bayern Munich match which we're recording. He got mardy that he was gonna miss the game. I thought he was gonna pull out of Gorman. I would have only not been pissed by this if he had actually got tickets for the Allianz Arena in his hand that he had brought moons ago before he even knew about Gorman. But alas he was delighted to tape it and watch it in HD round mine. I say delighted. I mean ok with it. In a way. If he has to.

I am going to a christening on Easter Sunday. I am soon to be a Fairy Godmother. Jeeeeez. Me? Of all people? Oh dear. My lovely friend Jemma thinks this is an awesome idea. She has told me I have to renounce the Devil for the sake of the child. I joked and said that it would not be possible for me to do this as he already has taken hold and I.just.can't.say.no.to.him.*

She didnt seem to be amused by this. I think that was another one of those moments where you aren't supposed to make a joke... ie. don't make a joke about dead people at a funeral. dont make a joke about marriage being akin to a horrible death at a wedding. and, obviously now, dont make a joke about loving the devil when you are about to go to a catholic christening. Especially not to the mother of the child due to be christened that for some reason has decided you would be a good role model. Hahahaha.

I watched this last night
I guess it was sweet, but would anyone like to tell me what the fuck it was supposed to be? It was a nice film and all but I would have been a bit disappointed if I had bought it because it didnt really have anything to it at all. There wasnt much of a plot. It just kinda carried on. Was it just supposed to have an amazing soundtrack? Cuz to be fair I think thats a bit pretentious. If you want to listen to good music just buy a record.

I don't know why I have just ranted about that. It was ok. Just not much point.

OH. And just as a finishing point... I don't know if you know this but I Love. Adore. Worship. Andrew McCarthy.

I do. I really do. I would have married him had he have not aged. I like to keep him in a little corner of my mind in all his 1980's glory. All his St Elmos Fire beautifulness.

Yeah maybe I have mentioned this because after saying I dont know why that Nick & Norah film was even made due its pointlessness I am in love with all the shit films of the 1980s. Even the ones that noone else likes because they really are shit. Like 16 candles.

God bless you John Hughes. You were the man.

And noone talks shit about my man.

*NB. I'm not really in love with the devil.


  1. Tuesday 6th April.

    You. Me. Coffee. Discussion on the merits of "Nick and Norah's infinite playlist".

    End of line.

  2. Nick and Nora is sooooo much better in its original form - the book.
    Read it!

  3. Is there a book!? Paddy! There's a book! He'll be pleased cuz he thinks the film rocks. I reckon I would like the book more. Its a nice film and it is cute... It just seemed so hyped and I didnt see what for. I'm gonna get told Tuesday ahahah.