Thursday, 11 March 2010

Baking Crisis...

Last night I had a baking crisis due to moving houses and being an uber busy bee... It all went very wrong and there were tears and stress. And the cakes were shitty and it was late late late. So with me in a cake panic at 12am last night the boy took me by the knees while I sat in the bathroom sobbing and told me he was gonna be a hero.

He sorted me out. Helped me bake new cakes and generally did things to make the process a wee bit quicker. He stayed with me til 3am but then had to dander home. I was up til 4am. BUT the cakes were done! And look pretty. I, on the other hand, do not look in any way pretty. I need some of that 8 hour cream all these celebs harp on about.

HELLO ELIZABETH ARDEN? Its me Bitsy, would you do me a flavour and send me a crate of your fab 8 hour cream? Apparently it helps your skin and makes you not look so much like you have had 2 hours sleep instead of the appropriate 8? Well I think I would be a fair candidate for you to re-trial this shizz on because I never sleep and mostly look like I have been punched in the eyes. Elizabeth! ELIZABETH! HELLLLLPPPP MEEEEE! Thanks.

I will post photos of cakes because I have some from ages ago too. I dont know why my photo thing on the computer is buggered. I will have to bluetooth them to Lars laptop (thanks to some advice from lovely fellow bloggers) and then save them to a stick and then put them on my little laptop (cuz I tried I dont think it does the bluetooth thing) and then go to the boys and abuse his internet. Phew. I know how to do things the long way!

Be patient honey bunny xxx

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