Thursday, 18 February 2010


Its snowing. It doesn't look like its lying though.

The boy is coming to tea tonight and we're going to some thing beforehand... Some arty thing. Richard Peel. To be exact

I haven't witnessed him before but the boy really likes him.

Do you have those days when you just feel like shit? My hair looks like shit. My face looks like shit. What I am wearing is shit. Well for your information that day is TODAY.

Today I look akin to a HOBO.

Although... That said... I'm totally excited for the new house. Oh its a beauty!

Do people actually read this? I write so much bobbins. If you do read this. Do comment and say. I don't mind typing to no one... but I did wonder. hahah xxx


  1. Your insecurities make me smile.

    Richard Peel is funny but strange guy, I hope you enjoy it.

    I have to be Mr Anonymous as I wont give Google all my details.

    All the best, the Irish Mancunian.

  2. i have days like that too. it sucks. on those days i just throw on a comfy sweater and jeans w/ my hair in a pony. if i look like crap, i might as well feel comfy then, right?


    hope you have fun at the arty thing with the boy and congrats on a new house!

    oh...and good luck with lent! i never take anything on even though they always try to get us to. i figure God will be less disappointed in me if i don't try than if i try and fail. maybe a bad outlook, but i'm ok with it :).

  3. those days suck so hard. and it's even worse when you're late for things, too. so you show up all shitty and late and that draw attention to yourself, and it just one of those "WHHHYY!!!" moments.

    congrats on the house! good luck on lent! and i read all that bobbins, which might i add is always funa dn interesting to read!