Thursday, 18 February 2010


Oh lovely lovely lent.

I have quit chocolate and take out. What am I gonna do for fun now?

I'm gonna just get way fat on cake aren't I? Nice.

BUT! I have taken on something this year as the boy said I could always take more on. God knows why but.. I have decided to take more on in the form of making things. You know like comics and other cool things.

Also me and Lar are moving house now in like a week and a half so I am going to cull all the shit I dont need and spend time doing things that have been waiting for time like painting all the jars that are under the sink with glass paint so that we can have them in the garden in the summer with candles in. (They've only been under the sink for 2 years...)

The garden at the new house is preeeettty...

Ps. The boy did not appreciate the thing I made him. I think I will have to set fire to him or something.

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