Sunday, 18 July 2010

A glorious weekend for cupcakes!

I have been keeping myself busy with cupcakes this weekend. I baked Friday and it was pretty cool doing so, because I bake in the Soundhouse kitchen now, so I get to watch bands while cakes are cooking/cooling etc!

So what have I done....

These cakes were left over from orders that I made so I put them in a pretty glass cake stand and sell them in the Soundhouse. Go there and buy them! Guinness choc cake this week with vanilla butter icing... These ones just looked pretty with various sprinkles and sparkles.

It was Lars moms birthday so Lar put an order in for 6 for the lovely Jane. Jane likes a good cup of tea and a smoke... So we decided to make little ciggies and a tea pot with the words mum. I think they look lovely. With nice purple cupcake cases and lilac and purple glitter... Apparently, she loved them!

See this guy right... That's John. (with me sneaking in the back...) Hes my pal and I love him so being as his birthday was Saturday I thought I would make him some lovely cakes... I wasn't sure what to do on them though and then I thought... I know... I will get creepy on his ass and try and create his head out of icing... a bit like in the "hello" video by Lionel Richie but not as detailed... hahah.

So yeah... look at his face here... and then look at the cupcakes and then compare....


My bro was working the bar when I was creating this and he came into the kitchen and i said... Yo. Do you think this looks like John....? He said .... Hmmmm his hair needs to be higher.
Its true. But I worked it... I think I did ok. I hope I creeped him out a bit.

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