Friday, 9 July 2010

A Little Warning... and a tiny apology...

The apology is...

That I havent blogged in AGGGGES. I dont know if anyone has noticed...

(except for little Quincifer over there at ...Like A Fool In The Rain...
Who, might I add, has a wicked awesome blog and is my blog pal. So go check her out)

But yeah, whether you have noticed or not. I havent... and I feel a bit sad about that. People still manage to blog who have had babies or have probably lost fingers in some kind of machinery accident but me. No. But... I think... I am pretty much back.

I need to get out of my black cloud and maybe you lot, you fine readers you, can help me out of it.

And now for the warning...

I have been making cupcakes... Lots of them so as soon as I get a night to chill and upload photos you will be bombarded. Bombarded with lots of pictures that will make you dribble on your keyboard*.

You have been warned.

Peace & Much Love! xxx

(ps. I appreciate all the comments left here and there in my absence...)

*Bitsy's Cupcakery cannot be held responsible for broken and sticky keyboards due to the sheer prettiness of her cupcakes.


  1. Welcome back!!! I cannot wait to see your pictures!

  2. Hahaha! I totally didn't know this was here!
    Go me!
    And go you!
    :) x