Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Cupcake Update 2...

So, this July I baked gorgeous cupcakes for my second wedding order... I'm getting a bit good at this big order lark! This time for Charlotte & Paul, again at the City Rooms in Leicester.

Charlotte & her Irish hubby, Paul asked for the Guinness Chocolate cake as they had had this when Tara ordered some cakes for their engagement present... and Paul said they were the best cupcakes he had EVER had. Take his word for it! They wanted pretty pastel cupcakes as favours for their guests to make up a beautiful table filled with pick and mix sweets in beautiful vintage jars and bowls and a three tiered wedding cake...

See the process below...

And now... on my pretty new Iphone I have a cute application to make your
pictures look like they have been shot on a hipstamatic camera
so the next couple of pics are just me showing that off.... how pretty!!

The pretty Pick and Mix

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  1. Wow!!!!
    I am soooo having cupcakes and sweets at my wedding....when I actually have one, some day x