Sunday, 25 April 2010

"Sorry You Were Poorly" Cakes

Nuj asked me to make him some cakes to take in for work. Apparently someone had been off ill and he wanted to take them in as a gift now that they were back. What?! That's amazing! I don't know what was wrong with this person... probably was being quite unfortunate, and I am sorry to them about that, but I have never received presents... let alone cupcakes when I have come back from being ill!! Even when I had something wrong with my face which made my eye swell up like I had gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson...

If anyone from work is reading... What a lovely idea... Please get me presents if I happen to come back from being ill. Haha

So I asked Nuj what he wanted, and he was very vague. This is Nuj in a nutshell. Vague. Hahah. Love him. I had to prise information out of him as if he were an unripe clam. You know colour, type of cake, what what. Nothing. Anything will do. Come on lad! Gimme more to work with than that!! SO I got green, bright green, simple, any cake. Thanks. So this is what he got!

Bright green and bright blue vanilla cupcakes for the half and half/ swirly look.
Bright green butter icing. Swirly. You knows it.
Little green sprinkley ball things.

In the words of the French...

Merci et Au Revoir

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