Monday, 12 April 2010

Calling all people that live in the U.S.A!!!!

Hey guys...

The company I work for are launching in AMERICA... which I think I have mentioned before...

Well they are telling me I can send them peoples names & email addresses in the states and you can get $20 dollars off your orders and Free shipping! I also get £5 for each person I recommend. Not a bad deal for you guys hey?!

I think I can only recommend up to 12 people.

SO if you want in its on a first come first served basis. Just comment me your name and email and I will forward you on to them.

I guess they will then email you and let you know whats what.

Even if you dont wanna sign up for that... Do go look at their website below they do some cute stuff really!



  1. You work for Next?! I didn't know that!
    I bet you get a killer discount...

  2. Umm, yes please!