Friday, 9 April 2010

Last night...

I had another small baking crisis.

Its the new house. I swear down. Everything I do in that kitchen is weird!

I thought I would forego Bikram because I had 54 cakes to make for my Nans Village Easter lunch or something. And I didnt want to be up into the wee hours doing it... So I rushed straight back from work and got on with it. 30 Guinness chocolate cakes, 24 lemon cakes, one big bowl of chocolate ganache later I thought I would call my Nana and ask her what she wanted me to do with them collectionwise and thought it was a bit odd that she had not been in contact already... this is at about 8.30pm.

Phone call:
Me - Hi Nan. I'm just making your cakes and wondered did you want mum to pick them up when shes done at the bar and take them home so you can pick them up tomorrow morning??
Nana - Ummmm. 16th Charlie 16th.
Me - Huh?
Nan - I want them on the 16th April.
Me - OH! Oh yeah! Haahah. I have it written on the wall there. D'oh! I knew that! Hahaha. Silly me.
Nana - You've not done them have you?
Me - No. No, no, no. hahah. Don't worry.
Nana - Oh good good good.

HA. Idiot.

So my friends are gonna get caked this weekend.


BUT I made pretty cakes for the lovely girls in Newborn department for stepping up to my challenges and coated them in ganache instead of butter icing and ultimately put more smiles on more faces today.

♥ Thanks Girls ♥


  1. Oh, I would die! At least someone will get to enjoy them!

  2. given you an award on my blog :)