Monday, 19 April 2010

More evidence of bribery in the work place....

I made some more bribery cupcakes... It appears to be working. This time for Kidswear. Everyone loves cake. And what better way to make working hard more rewarding? Except obviously you know, cash prizes and maybe promises of making dreams come true or granting wishes or something? But Hey I save those types of rewards for the extra hard working and the poor*. Haha.

So yeah, here are the bad boys.
Guinness chocolate cake & chocolate butter icing and red, white and pink sprinkles and a wee touch of pink glitter.

And a little close up... for good measure...

Are you salivating?
You should be.

* I cannot grant wishes, give cash prizes or make dreams come true**.
** Well, maybe I can make some peoples dreams come true. But that just comes from being generally awesome.

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