Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A Wee Round Up...

So... Remember I went to see Dave Gorman just before Easter. Well where I went to see him, De Montfort Hall, is where Lar works. Well one night after I had been to see him I was really looking forward to watching a film with Lar that the boy had lent to us called Feed . Which he thought, being as we are obsessed with all the ridiculous fat programmes, we would appreciate. He said it was the most horrific thing he'd watched. And totally put him off food. We thought that would be amazing and a lovely diet trick. Well. We settled in to watch it but forgot that for some reason, being pathetic girls, we couldn't hook the DVD player up to the TV. (Reason being... The scart lead thing is too short to reach from the DVD player to the actual back of the TV. So I thought you could plug it in to the back of the sky box. Well it wont work. I don't know why. But it doesn't.) So due to this and not being able to watch the film I was in a mard. That was until Lar produced this....

She secretly got Dave to sign it for me on the day of his gig and she saved it until a good moment! Instantly cheered! Thanks LAR!!!!

Bank Holiday weekend then came. I had Friday and Monday AND Tuesday off!

Thursday night we went to the bar and played quiz and I sat out drinking til 4.30am. Woo. My lovely awesome friend Matthew Bateman came out and came straight from his new job and looked super snazzy in a suit. I was drunk and told him so. Zoe was there with some mates from work. One of them was called Dan. Matthew and Dan were getting on like a house on fire... Everyone was... Which was odd because we didn't really know them. hahah. When Dan left Matthew, Zod and I ran out of the bar and re-enacted a scene from Alan Partridge when he sees his mate Dan. I will post a video of this at some point in case you don't know it. Its funny as. I don't know if Dan knew what it was. If he didn't we just looked like a bunch of mentals.

Friday I felt like ass then ended up drinking with the boy. Saturday I chilled and made cakes and thought I would have a nice chilled night with a bath and an early night. That went out the window when I was invited for Indian food with some friends. Done. Then I went and sat at the boys and watched Match of the Day til about 11.30pm when I put my foot down and headed home. All because on Easter Sunday me and Savvo were heading for Wales for me to officially become the Fairy Godmother.

Well we set off at 7am. SO I was up at 6. I had a healthy breakfast of Red Bull & a chocolate Rice Crispie bar. Followed by Red Bull for a mid morning snack and half a Lindt egg (Cheers Sav - Feck off Lent!)

We followed Google maps directions until I had to ring my dad in a panic saying...
Me: "We're supposed to get off the motorway at junction 10a. We passed 10 and then came straight to 11. We don't know where to go! We've turned around and now we're at the service station in a panic!"
Dad: "What Motorway you on?"
Me: M5.
Dad: You're supposed to be on the M54. Where are you heading for now?
Me: The signs say Gloucester/Bristol!?!
Dad: Bloody hell child! You're about 50 miles the wrong way! GO BUY A MAP!

Went in the petrol station. Purchased a map. Jemma (mother of said godchild) rang up whilst I was paying and I promptly burst into tears. Cue very scared boy behind the till.

Well I then bombed it. And I mean bombed it. 110mph all the way back to Birmingham...where it appeared it all went wrong and started again. Church service was at 11. We managed to get there at 11.30. Get the Priest to stall!! GET THE PRIEST TO STALL!!!! This is why for a 2.5 hour drive I set off so early because I knew something stupid like that would happen.

Journey from Leicester to Wales - 4.5 hours.
Journey from Wales to Leicester - 2 hours.

Travelled 6.5 hours. Essentially just to devour a buffet.

Bloggers Meet Manon....

Manon meet Bloggers....

Oh and as a side note. Just to prove to y'all what a nice girl I am...
The boy had had a particularly shitty day at work. So much so he text me to say he was in a foul mood and to leave him be for a bit. So I went home and made him a chicken ham mushroom and leek "cheer up pie".

Pie makes everything better.

“When you die, if you get a choice between going to regular heaven or pie heaven, choose pie heaven. It might be a trick, but if it's not, mmmmmmmm, boy.”
~ Jack Handy

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  1. Your life is so much more exciting than mine! I had the friday-monday off too and didn't do anything except food shop and go wish someone a happy birthday...
    P.S. That pie looks delish!